Clipping Path

Clipping Path

What is clipping path:

A “clipping path” or “deep etch” refers to a vector or a line found in Adobe Photoshop which you can activate the clipping path and either you remove or alter an area of the image during the editing process. A clipping path is widely used in Adobe Photoshop because of it is useful in many aspects. “Clipping” is used when cutting out an image while “Path” is an imaginary line in order to cut an image.

What is a pen tool:

A “Pen Tool” in Adobe Photoshop is a precise cutting tool where you can create a clipping path. It has right and left arm which controls the overall position of the line in the front and back. Pen Tool is more accurate than magic wand because you can pin point the exact line of your image. Clipping path specialist rely only pen tool to prepare the image before removing or replacing a background.

The Millennial Way of Cutting Out Image

The Definition

Clipping Path, also known as ”deep etch”, is a path drawn around the image which allows you extract the subject image from its background.

Derived from the word Clipping which means trimming out a piece, and path which means a line that separates the subject from the rest; the name itself explains the whole Clipping Path Process.

The closest analogy of Clipping Path in simpler term is cutting out a piece of an image from an old newspaper. To create a smooth and perfect cut, you need to create an outline that borders the background and the subject image. The same thing goes with Clipping Path, you draw a subtle line around the figure and removes it from the rest of the photo.

This process is highly applicable to images that you want to give emphasis. So instead of risking divided attention from the image and its background, you remove the distraction and enhances the quality of the subject of attention.
In digital editing, Clipping Path is available in Adobe Photoshop. You may activate this function and start creating an imaginary line around the image and remove it from its originating piece. This allows you to omit shadow, stands, and other photo killing flaws. Every single detail within the path is saved for further application and image manipulation. Whatever’s outside the line is left behind.

The whole process requires patience, subtlety, and professional knowledge and skills in digital image editing. Thus, it’s better to leave the editing job to professionals especially when your business’ future lies in image quality.
In Adobe Photoshop editing, the Pen tool is one of the most important functions in achieving an accurate and flawless output.

The Pen Tool

A Pen Tool is available in Adobe Photoshop which functions as a precise cutting tool in creating a clipping path.

A Pen Tool has a right and left arm which allows you to control the overall position and size of the line from the front and back.

It functions synonymously with Magic Wand but Pen Tool is way more accurate than the other because it allows you to point the exact line of your image without omitting any parts of the subject. It lets you include even the slightest detail of your subject image.

Clipping Path specialist only uses and relies on Pen Tool in preparing the image before extracting or replacing the background.

The Benefits of Clipping Path

• Aids in the efficient removal of the subject image from its original background.
• Hides photo-killing flaws without omitting its background

• To provide emphasis on the subject in a certain angle or region or change the shape or color of an image.

• Multi clipping path is used in emphasizing separate areas within the image such as color correction editing.

The Considerations

There is a limitation in using Clipping Path editing method. It is not applicable when editing fuzzy and hairy verges, and sheer or transparent subjects but you may opt to Advance Masking Editing technique instead.

Our Clipping Path Service

There are other ways and techniques used in image editing and removing excess or unneeded elements. But nothing beats the Photo Editing Services performed by professionals in terms of image quality of the final output.

If you are looking for a graphics editing service provider that offers precisely cut out images with sharp and defined edges, then look no more because we, at Photo Editing Company, offers top quality Photo Editing Services.

The Editors

Our team is composed of young graphic design professionals who are passionate in their crafts and open to creative possibilities.

We are experienced and seasoned in providing different editing services and works collaboratively with one another in order to meet, if not surpass our clients’ expectations.

Clipping Path Service; The Way We Do It!

Our team of experienced graphic editors is knowledgeable and skilled in using different digital image editing software but we mainly opt to use Adobe Photoshop which is not only the industry’s standard image editing tool but the most precise, flexible, and undeniably the best among other software within the context.

Using Adobe Photoshop, we create a precise and smooth line around the edges of the image using a Pen Tool. This helps create a defined Clipping Path and enables us to remove the image easily without ruining the subject.

In creating a Clipping Path, we simply zoom the image by 200% or 300% depending on the image resolution and quality.

Zooming in the image helps our graphic designers create as many anchor points as they deem suitable.

Adobe Photoshop allows you to create an appropriate number of anchor points which makes the whole Clipping Path process easier. But without skills and enough knowledge in the craft, these anchor points may damage the subject image as well.

Creating the perfectly precise number of anchor points is crucial in retaining the subject’s correct shape.

Creating too many or too few anchor points will result in a warped out and lamely cut-out photo.

The Pen Tool, a reliable function!

There are other image editing tools available in the market but only a few are applicable and useful.

In this matter, the most dependable tool that our graphic artist uses and trusts is Pen Tool due to its incomparable accuracy and out of the box preciseness.

The product of our graphic designers’ innate skills, acquired editing knowledge and the use of Pen Tool surpasses any quality achieved using any other automated editing functions and tools.

We’ve tried and tested other image editing software’s and algorithms in search of the best but always end up with either heavily pixilated image or visibly ragged edges which connotes the total opposite of professionalism and business. Thus, we stick with Pen Tool in creating quick yet accurate deep etch.

Through the years, we’ve tested its capability and nothing can surpass its quality.

Who We Are

Editing Company is one of the pillars of image editing in the Philippines and continuously improves its way to perfection and clients’ optimum satisfaction.

We are a Cebu based graphics studio but our services know no bounds. Wherever you are, locally or globally, as long as you need our services, it is our joy to serve you.

We are open for appointments from Monday through Friday, 9 am until 8 in the evening.

We don’t settle for something good, we settle for the best that you deserve!
Our graphics studio is comprised of talent-passionate professionals who are the best in terms of image manipulation. Whatever quality the source image has, we will re-create it and edit to perfection.

It doesn’t matter if you need a single piece of an image edited or you have a bulky stack of images in need of processing; your trust is what we value!

Our Customers

Our services are not limited to a certain target market. As a matter of fact, we cater to all who need our professional services.

Our services are open to all; from publishing companies that need thousands of images edited within a strict turnaround time to individuals who need a single image manipulated.
We are not defined by numbers, but on the quality of our final output regardless of quantity and tight deadlines.

Our Rate

We offer our services at a reasonable rate but our rates vary depending on these factors:

• Quantity of images that requires editing
• Turn Around Time/Deadlines
• Level of complexity of the image source

We are an offshore company and by choosing us, you’ll get the advantage of working with DTP professionals. We have the best skilled and talented blooming young artists. Get perfectly manipulated image while paying less than the ones offered in European and American graphics studios.
You’ll save from the cost while getting the same outcome, if not beyond your expectations.

Reasonable is an understatement when it comes to our rates. The cost of our Clipping Path Service starts at $.60; way lower than that of our competitors but in an indisputably excellent image output quality.

We also offer free and quick rate quotation and we take pride in our swift response to every customer inquiry.

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