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What Is Photo Restoration?

Digital photo restoration is a practice of restoring the appearance of a digital copy of a photograph which may have been damaged and or aged. It works by scanning a damaged photo print before ‘fixing’ the damage using photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop.

Family photos are the main area of interest when it comes to photo restoration and there is an endless number of old photos in need of repair. Many people are interested in genealogy and spend a lot of time tracing their family tree, and as a result, end up with a number of very old photos in need of repair.

How Can I Restore My Old Photos?

Photographs can incur a lot of damage through years of exposure to humidity, water, sunlight, and dirt. Sometimes even storing new photographs incorrectly can result in damage. You have a lot of options in restoring your old or damaged photographs.

  1. Digital Photo Editing

While the digital era and its ever-evolving technology have made it easier to ensure that the photos we take today will last longer than their analog counterparts, there are still things we can do to help preserve memories captured before the advent of the pixel. In the field of Digital Photo Editing, there are a lot of tools you can use to restore your old photographs.

Here is some Best Photo Restoration Software to restore old photos for beginners and semi-pros:

  • Fotophire Editing Toolkit
  • Inpaint
  • Retouch Pilot
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Corel Paintshop Pro
  • GIMP
  • AKVIS Retoucher
  • SoftOrbits Photo Retoucher

You can also outsource from any Professional Photo Editors online to cater your needs in restoring your old photos. Regardless of which of these photo restoration programs you decide to use, the results you’ll be able to achieve will be impressive

  1. Restore Your Old Photographs Manually

Old photographs can also be restored manually by cleaning them and removing any dirt that is attached in the photo. It can also be mended by following the simple steps below:

  • For this, you’ll first need to clean the images. Wear rubber gloves, and remove the dirt with a soft brush or soft-bristled toothbrush.
  • If your old photos are stuck together, soak them in distilled water where the coating of gelatin will soften to aid in the separation without further damaging the photo.
  • If the image has a tear, you can fix it with acid-free tape or use a mending strip.

How to Restore the Missing Parts of a Photo with Photoshop

Photo Restoration Near Me
Restore Damaged Photos
Fix Old Photos

  1. Assess the damage

Once the image has been scanned, open it in Photoshop to assess the damage and formulate a plan.

  1. Levels and Curves
  • By using the droppers below the graph, you can do a quick Levels adjustment, bringing the tone of the image back under control. Use the black dropper, click on every black point on the image. Once you have adjusted the levels by setting the black point, tweak the contrast of the entire image by creating a slight “S” curve…
  • You can turn the “Cancel” button into a “Reset” button in any Photoshop dialog box by holding down the ALT/OPTION key.
  1. Tackle the details
  • Click on the Clone Stamp tool (keyboard shortcut: S). be sure to zoom in kind of tight to make sure you have a good view of the area. You’ll be using the tool to sample similar nearby pixels to copy and fill in the damaged area
  • Start with the edges and work your way in towards the middle and then up towards the top. Be sure to change your sample area as you cover more of the tear in order to ensure that the tones and shading are consistent.
  • Zoom in really tight and deal with small things like dust, scratches, stains, and creases, the best tool for this part of the job is the Clone Stamp. This will let you make the repair with fewer and– more importantly– less noticeable clicks.
  1. Crop for a clean edge

Once you have addressed the damage, zoom back out and use the Marquee tool to crop out the extraneous edges of the original scanned photo, creating new, clean edges.

Tips on How to Repair Old Photos in Photoshop

Restoring old photos with applications like Photoshop is a great way to preserve something of value and connect with the past. Below are some few important tips on mastering the Photoshop tool:

  1. Follow a Consistent Restoration Plan

Be consistent with your workflow and editing style when using Adobe Photoshop with your work. When you restore photos, work according to a structured plan of attack.

  1. Master the Clone Stamp

When you scan in photos, slides, or negatives, they will be blemished or damaged one way or another. You may not be able to spot the small imperfections with the naked eye, but when you see photos magnified in Photoshop, the problems become clear.  As a photo restorer, your job is to clean and repair the entire photo- The Clone Stamp is just the right tool for the job.

  1. Make Infinitely Variable Changes with Adjustment Layers

Photoshop offers two types of adjustments; both do the same work but in different ways. Standard (permanent) adjustments are located in the Image > Adjustments menu. Variable adjustments are found in the Layers > New Adjustment Layer menu. Both kinds of adjustments affect brightness/contrast, levels, curves, vibrancy, and other settings, and all of these features are very helpful when restoring photos, slides, and negatives.

  1. Harness Smart Objects and Smart Filters for Powerful Pixel Control

Smart Objects are essentially super-powered layers- each layer has pixels, but their pixels are smarter than the average pixel. The Smart Object pixels allow you to apply Smart Filter effects to them, which are non-destructive filters that you can edit and change even after you create them. Smart Object layers have a depth of functionality that you should explore because all of these features and functions make Smart Objects an indispensable tool for restoring photos.

  1. Use Masks to Apply Adjustments and Effects Selectively

Masks are automatically created and linked to new adjustment layers and Smart Filters. If you want to mask a Smart Object or other types of layer, you must create it yourself. Select the layer and then click the Add Layer Mask icon on the Layers panel.

Photography is the art of memory and like memories, photos fade, but with the photo restoration software, your memories can be saved from oblivion. If you are looking for a professional photo restoration services, our editors are equipped with years of in-depth experience in photo editing.

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Bag Background Removal Services:

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