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//Photo Editing Tools

Photoshop Photo Editing Tools

Learn photo editing tools that are used by professional photo editors online. Discover the right tools in order to get the job done. Here are some of many tools that we use in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom.

  1. Pen Tool:Precision cutting tool to clip your images or remove your background using this pen tool.
  2. Eye Tool:Automatically removes red eye on the eyes and corrects its color of the eyes.
  3. Burn Tool:Darkens areas where there are existing darks using highlights, midtones and shadows.
  4. Move Tool:Enables you to move the layers or transfer the image in adobe photoshop.
  5. Erase Tool:Erases a specific area that is targeted with this tool removing the pixel and color.
  6. Magnetic Lasso:Selects edges of an image which has edges around its shape.
  7. Sharpen Tool:Crisp look when sharpening that photo making it more visible and clearer when posted online.
  8. Clone Stamp Tool:Clones a specific part of an image and restores replaces it with the source of clone.
  9. Dodge Tool:Lightens areas where there are lights using highlights, midtones and shadows.
  10. Crop Tool:Allows you to select the small or big size of the height and width of an image.
  11. Color Picker:Copies a specific color of an area wherein you can apply it later on using other tools.
  12. Lasso:Selects an area in a free form shape or free hand to your desired area.
  13. Healing Brush Tool: Heals specific parts of the photo by restoring its original image to it’s former glory.
  14. Blur Tool:Softens sharp pixels of an image by reducing its sharp details of products and photographs.
  15. Smudge Tool:A finger pointing tool where you can drag the paint or pixels of an image.
  16. Hand Tool:Enabling you to move through the panel by not moving the layers of a photo.
  17. Color Replacement Tool:Replaces the color of an image by selecting a new color through color picker.
  18. Quick Selection:Quickly selects edges or area that have similar color or texture.