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10 Real Estate Digital Marketing Tips to Increase Sales in 2023

Nowadays, people are looking for properties online by reviewing the property’s photos/videos and making their buying decisions. So it clearly shows the importance of having an online presence for real estate agents to grow their business. But in this high competition, it’s not easy for any real estate business to stand out as a unique brand and catch buyers’ attention. If you’re a real estate agent wanting to grow your business and sell more properties, then you need to build a strong presence on social media platforms. For this, you need to focus on digital real estate marketing that helps you reach potential buyers online and sell more homes. Many real estate agents are already using digital marketing to promote amazing deals on Properties and generate quality leads. Now it’s your turn to level up your real estate business and use digital marketing to sell more properties. That’s why, In this article, we’ve covered the Top 10 Real Estate Digital Marketing Tips that will help you to increase property sales in 2023. 

10 Real Estate Digital Marketing Tips to Increase Sales in 2023

These are the most effective digital marketing tips that help you stand out from your brand, generate quality leads and sell more properties.

1. Build an Impressive Real Estate Website

Millions of people are looking for their dream home on the internet. So it’s a big opportunity for real estate agents or brokers to build a presence on the internet and attract potential buyers. The most effective way to make a presence online is by creating an attractive and appealing real estate website for your business. Creating an attractive real estate website that shows beautiful Property listings at amazing deals can catch customers’ attention and help generate quality leads and sell more homes. 

Millions of real estate websites have already built a presence on the internet, so it’s not easy to stand out from your website. You need to do something unique that catches the buyer’s attention and stands out your brand. You can add some unique things to your real estate websites like a mortgage calculator, live customer support, newsletter subscription, 360° property view, best deals, and other things that make your website better and more attractive. 

To build an impressive website, you can consider a few elements that make your website attractive, appealing and beautiful:

  • Add Search tools to find the best property your buyers are looking for.
  • Featured listings option to highlight the best Property deals.
  • Display client testimonials to build trust and authority in the market.
  • User-friendly and fast-loading website.
  • Only upload high-quality property photos & videos.
  • Add CTAs on your website like chat support, schedule a call etc.

These must-have elements make your real estate website attractive and sell more homes. 

2. Email Marketing

If you’re serious about growing your real estate business and want to sell more properties, then you need to adapt email marketing in your real estate business quickly. Email marketing is one of the powerful ways to help you generate quality leads, build engagement with your buyers and sell more properties. Many real estate agents use email marketing strategies to nurture and convert leads easily. It’s the best platform for building buyer engagement compared to other platforms because you’ll have complete control to deliver amazing real estate deals and encourage buyers to visit the property or make buying decisions.   

Email marketing is not a one-shot game, and it’s a process of generating leads to nurture leads for getting sales. First, you need to attract buyers’ attention and generate quality leads, and then you’ll start sending powerful emails one by one and keep nurturing your leads to build engagement and sell more properties. But make sure that you’re sending the right email at the right time to the right buyers to increase the chances of selling more homes. 

So many email marketing tools are available to help your email marketing campaigns effectively generate leads and sell more homes.

3. Run Ads on social media platforms

Billions of people are using social media platforms, then why not you’re promoting your business on social media platforms. Many real estate agents promote the best deals on social media platforms and sell more properties faster. If you want to run real estate ads, then Facebook & Instagram are the most effective social media platforms where you can generate quality leads and sell more homes. The biggest benefits of running ads on social media platforms, i.e., you can select your targeted audience, budget and type of ads you want to promote, like image, video or carousel. 

To run successful real estate ads on social media platforms, research your competitor’s ads and see what works best for them. Their strategy is to get results and then apply the same strategy with some enhancement, get quality leads, and sell more homes.

4. Create Content for Social Media Platforms

77% of buyers are using social media platforms actively looking for real estate properties. So it’s the best time to come up on social media and bring the best deal to the table. Content is the most effective way to attract potential buyers and grow your business. As a real estate agent, you need to use social media platforms to get in front of your potential buyers and display amazing real estate deals that encourage buyers to visit or make buying decisions. By sharing useful & valuable content on social media platforms, you can position yourself as an expert and drive more traffic to your website Property listing. Many real estate agents use social media platforms to promote their property deals and attract potential buyers to sell more homes. 

There are many different social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., where you should promote your brand and collect quality leads for your real estate business. And you need to share content according to the type of platform, i.e., image, video, carousel etc. Also, don’t forget to use hashtags on Instagram to reach more potential buyers and sell properties faster.

5. Start a Real Estate Blog

If you’ve built a beautiful real estate website without getting any buyer traffic, then it’s not beneficial. At this point, you can start a real estate blog and create some valuable content related to blogs that bring traffic to your website and catch buyers’ attention to listed properties. You need to write content related to those topics that are in trend and have a good amount of buyer traffic. Then make qualitative & SEO-optimized content around to get traffic on your website and display real estate deals that end up selling more properties. Also, you can specifically write content for those buyers looking for properties like “Best flat under 40 lakh in Mumbai” these types of keywords, you can do research and write content. And once you get ranking, you’ll get tons of quality leads and sell more properties. 

Many keyword research tools are available for finding the best keywords in the real estate Niche like Google Analytics, Ahrefs, Ubersuggest etc. You can also use these tools to analyze competitors ranking keywords and make better content to bring high traffic, quality leads and sell more homes. Whether you can write the content yourself or you can hire an experienced content writer to write qualitative blogs around real estate and how a buyer can read your blog and end up buying a property. 

6. Video Marketing

Videos play a major role in the real estate business, and if you want to attract potential buyers, then video marketing is necessary for your business. Around 85% of buyers want to make their property buying decisions based on the video. So it clearly shows the value of having video on your website. Videos are the best way to attract potential buyers, generate quality leads and sell more properties. If you’ve some best real estate deals, it’s time to hire a professional to do video shoots for the property and capture some beautiful property shoots that you can upload on your website and are easy to view for buyers. 

So whenever any buyer comes to your website and sees high-quality property videos that look beautiful, it increases the chances of visiting the property or making buying decisions. With video marketing, many real estate agents make huge profits and sell properties faster. Now it’s your turn to do some high-quality video property shots and display them on your website real estate listings. Also, you can use these beautiful properties videos and run ads on different social media platforms to get quality leads and sell more homes.

7. Virtual Staging

Virtual Staging is a growing technology that changes how we view the property online and helps real estate agents sell more properties. Virtual staging means you can add virtual furniture and interior in real estate videos/photos without actually buying it. This technology is similar to Snapchat filters when people apply these filters on their faces, not in reality. Virtual staging helps buyers visualize their dream property before making buying decisions; you can add any furniture & interior in real estate photos/videos according to buyers’ demand and increase the chances of selling more homes. Many real estate agents use virtual staging technology to enhance the experience for buyers to look at the property and catch their attention to selling more Properties. Virtual staging is an effective way to sell more properties and grow business in the real estate industry. 

By showing the property according to buyers’ interests using virtual technology, you can satisfy your buyers and encourage them to make buying decisions. But if you want to use virtual staging technology, you must capture real estate videos at 360° to add virtual furniture/interior more effectively. 

Real Estate Virtual Staging Living Room

8. Landing Page to generate quality leads

Landing Page is a very effective way to generate leads for any business. In the real estate business, you can create a landing page for a specific real estate property that shows the property’s photos, 360° videos and other areas. You need to provide complete property details on the landing page, including call-to-action, so that buyers can make their decisions faster. 

With landing pages, it’s easy to catch buyers’ attention and encourage them to visit the property and end up with buying decisions. Many real estate agents with luxurious properties listed are using landing pages to promote their beautiful Properties and sell them faster.

There’s a huge potential for a landing page, and it’s a step-by-step process to attract customers, get their details and schedule an appointment to visit the property and sell it. 

9. SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the most powerful marketing strategy to help you drive high traffic, leads and sales on your website. If you put the right time & effort into SEO, you can rank #1 position on Google and get a good amount of traffic to your website. If you have a website, you can create many blogs related to the real estate niche and get buyers’ traffic on your website to display real estate deals and sell more properties. 

You need to do keyword research and find those high-ranking keywords which are easy to rank. So that you can write content and get a better ranking on Google. SEO is a marketing strategy that you can use to drive traffic to your real estate website, display amazing real estate deals and encourage them to visit the property or make buying decisions. When you’re creating blogs then, you need to consider some elements that help you to get ranking:

  • Backlinks
  • Meta titles & description
  • Social media pages
  • Online directories

You need to add these elements to your website to make it SEO-optimized content and get a ranking on Google.

10. Get on Zillow

If you’re a real estate agent and want to grow your business and sell more properties, creating a Zillow profile can level up your real estate business. Zillow is the most trusted and popular platform, with 180+ million monthly visitors on the website where so many real estate agents are listed. It’s a real estate platform that real estate agents use to list themselves, and Zillow will bring buyers traffic to its website by running unique, eye-catching and attractive marketing campaigns. If the buyer finds your profile trusted and the best fit, you’ll automatically get qualified leads, and it’s your turn to convert the lead and make buying decisions. Many real estate agents are using this platform and making huge profits by selling more properties. 

On Zillow, you need to create an attractive Profile with so many customer reviews/testimonials to build trust and showcase your amazing real estate portfolio that helps you get more quality leads and sell more properties. 

These are the Top 10 Real Estate Digital Marketing Tips that you can use to generate quality leads and increase sales in 2023.


The demand for digital marketing is constantly growing, and the real estate industry is getting huge benefits of using digital marketing in businesses. Many real estate agents are using these strategies and growing their business, and now it’s your turn to apply these strategies and stand out your brand as unique. By following these top 10 tips, you can grow your real estate business, get qualified leads and sell more properties. We hope this article helps you know some amazing digital marketing tips you can apply to real estate and grow your real estate business. 

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