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Food Photo Retouching

10 Ways to Edit Food Photography in Photoshop

Have you ever noticed why food marketing campaigns look so fascinating and attractive that we start craving the food? The answer is simple: appearance. Companies enhance the appearance of food to make it more attractive and convincing, catching customers’ attention and making them feel hungry for that food. However, when we visit the place to eat, it often doesn’t look as attractive as it did in the advertisement. The reason behind the advertisement’s attractiveness is that companies use food photography and later edit the food images, adding eye-catching effects to make them more appealing. This process is called food photo retouching.

If you’re in the food business and want to enhance the food marketing campaigns, then food photo editing is required to make it more attractive and convincing.

 10 Ways to Edit Food Images in Photoshop

There are numerous ways to edit food photos in Photoshop. We’ve handpicked the Top 10 things you need to consider while food photo editing to make the food photos more attractive, realistic, and engaging. Let’s see!

1. Remove Blemishes & Imperfections

Whenever you’ve completed your Food Photography, then insert the photos in Photoshop and start removing blemishes and imperfections. It’s one of the easiest and essential things you need to do in Photoshop to enhance the quality and sharpness of food photos. We all know that food photos do not look perfect, and there are some imperfections and blemishes left that require editing to remove. 

By using Photoshop, you can easily remove the blemishes and imperfections in a photo and make it impressive, attractive, and desirable. 

food images

2. Remove Reflections & Distractions

If you want to catch customers’ attention and make the food photo more stunning with an attractive appearance, you need to remove reflections and distractions from the food photos.

If you’ve food photography with wine glasses, spoons, and meta props, they are sometimes left with reflections that need to be removed from the photos to make their appearance more beautiful.

Remove Reflections & Distractions

3. Extend the Background

Sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect size background, but companies use Photoshop to extend the Background size in an image and make it perfect rather than find a perfect background. 

Photoshop also helps remove unwanted objects, Blemishes, and imperfections from food Photography and make it attractive and desirable. 

Extend the Background

4. Change the color of food & Ingredients

In food photography, color plays a major role. So it’s essential to show the actual colors in photos. 

Sometimes photos show different colors compared to the actual color of food, and for this, you can use Photoshop to edit the food photos and change them to their actual colors. To make the food photos attractive so that customers crave the food, colors play a major role. 

Change the color of food & Ingredients

5. Remove complex objects

When you’re taking food photos that look perfect, the background objects spoil the perfection in food photography. You can use Photoshop to remove the object from the background and make the food photography attractive and eye-catching.

Photoshop saves a lot of time and money on reshooting food photos, easily clears the background objects, and makes them attractive and engaging.

Remove complex objects

6. Adjust Lighting and Shadows

To make the food photos’ appearance more attractive and sharp, you need to adjust lighting and shadows in Photoshop.

By using Photoshop’s Yin-Yang brush, you can adjust the food photography lighting smoothly and enhance the sharpness of the food to enhance its appearance

Adjust Lighting and Shadows

7. Creating GIFs

GIFs can stand out in your food images and are the most attractive way to catch customers’ attention. Food GIFs are mostly used in social media marketing campaigns to catch customers’ attention and increase the craving for food.

Creating GIFs

8. Adjust the White balance

In Photoshop, White balance is one of the essential parts of food photo editing. You need to display your food in the best appearance possible, and for this, you can adjust the white balance and remove unwanted colors from the food photo and enhance the appearance of food in the photo. 

 Adjust the White balance

9. Crop & Sharpening the Image

If your food photos consist of any distracting part in the corner or you require different sizes of the food photos for your advertising campaigns and social media, then you need to crop and resize the image in Photoshop. 

First, you can crop the image to remove the Unwanted objects from the corner of the food photos and then change its dimensions according to your image requirements.

 Crop & Sharpening the Image

10. Shape the objects

In Photoshop, you can also shape the objects according to food photography. It requires a lot of effort to shape the food in real-life, but Photoshop makes the process hassle-free and allows you to make it perfect for attractive looking. 

Whenever we see any food advertisement, we see the beauty of food and how it’s perfectly shaped, this all happens because of food photo editing to make it more attractive and good appearance.

Food Photo Editing Online

Benefits of Editing Food Images in Photoshop

The benefits of editing food images are for the food business. It’s a great way to promote their food items with attractive appearance and eye-catching food campaigns. After editing food photos, it catches customers’ attention and craves them for food. There are numerous benefits of food photo editing:

  • Improve Appearance: With food photos editing, you can enhance the appearance of the food item and make it more attractive and eye-catching with the right color and shapes. It catches customers’ attention and craves them for the food. 

  • Marketing: Companies do lots of food photo editing for their attractive campaigns that catch customers’ attention, increase customers, and boost sales. Showing high-quality, fresh, and attractive food photos on different platforms helps promote and grow their food business.

  • Removing unwanted things: With food photos editing, you can remove unwanted objects from the background that distract customers from the food item and enhance the appearance of the food better.

  • Special effects: To enhance the look of a food item, you can add special effects that make it unique, attractive, and craving for the food. 

  • Adjusting Exposure: Exposure is important in photos, and for food photos, it’s essential to adjust the exposure most effectively. 


Food photo editing is one of the essential parts of food business marketing. If you want to edit food images in Photoshop and make them more attractive, you need to implement these effective ways to stand out your food photos. We hope this article helps you know the most effective way to edit food photos and its benefits. Drop your comment and let me know your opinion about food photo editing and how important it is. Contact us today!

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