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12 Product Photo Retouching Tips to Increase your Sales Online

When any business promotes its products online, photos play the most important factor in building trust and increasing sales. A good quality product’s photos can attract potential customers and influence them to make purchase decisions faster.  So, any business must publish high-quality and attractive product photos in their online store. 

If you’re running an online business and want to know how to make photos qualitative and attractive? Then keep reading this article. In this article, we’ve given the Top 12 Photo retouching tips to increase your sales and conversions.

Without any further delay, Let’s begin!

Top 12 Photo Retouching Tips to increase sales online

1. Create a Standard Product Image Layout

 Create a Standard Product Image Layout

If you’re promoting multiple products online, you need to make a standard product image layout for your brand. Whenever any customer sees your product advertisement, they instantly recognise your similar products. Because you’re creating one standard layout for all your brand that makes your brand unique, and customers start building trust in your products.

2. Remove the Background and make the Product stand out

Remove the Background and make the Product stand out

It’s important to remove the background of product photos so that the product itself stands out with more shine and sparkle. Customers can specifically focus on the product without distracting anywhere. 

3. Focus on color variants editing

Focus on color variants editing

If you want to sell the same products in different color variants, you need not take photos of each color variant; instead, you can edit the color of the same products in editing. It helps you maintain the quality, shine and attractive look of products’ photos.

4. Retouch Unwanted Areas

Retouch Unwanted Areas

When you’re enhancing the quality of your product photos, then make sure to recheck complete photos and retouch any unwanted areas or objects you’ve seen to make the photos flawless.

5. Add Shadow in the background

Add Shadow in the background

Adding a shadow to the product photo background can make it more professional, realistic and attractive so that customers can look and feel the product quality and uses.

6. Remove Blemishes

Remove Blemishes

It’s important to remove blemishes like scratches, reflection, dust, fingerprints and other things that can lower the product’s looks. You should remove all the imperfections and make your products stand out.

7. Increase Sharpness

Increase Sharpness

Your product photos must look very sharp so that customers can see all the details clearly with its complete functionalities. You need to focus on the product’s brightness and sharpness.

8. Add Mirror Effect

Add Mirror Effect

To make a photo more attractive and realistic, you can add a mirror Effect in your products’ photos and enhance the look. 

9. Refining the Edges of your Products photos

Refining the Edges of your Products photos

You need to sharply focus on the edges of your products by cutting and cleaning carefully so that it looks professional and eye-catching. 

10. Adjust the White balance

Adjust the White balance

It’s important to adjust the white balance of your products’ photos to maintain color tone and make products look smooth and brighter.

11. Add some finishing touches

Add some finishing touches

You should review the edited photo once and see if any finishing touches are required in color, remove objects, cropping or anything so that it looks perfect without any enhancement. Do the changes if required.

12. Review and Published

Review and Published

Once you’ve done all the changes from your side and you find the photos best fit, then publish them on your e-commerce store.

These are the Top 12 tips that surely help you enhance the product photo quality and make it more attractive and convincing.

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