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Applying for a Graphic Artist Job

Photo Editing Company is always open for talented graphic artist and designers from all around the world. We only hire the best in the industry and we compensate our people very well. Apply as a graphic designer or graphic artist today. To apply please fill up the form below and submit a 1 minute introduction of yourself.

Jobs Available

Clipping Path – Able to precisely cut or trace a photos using Adobe Photoshop Pen Tool.

Photo Retoucher – A person that can carefully retouch or leave no trace of any sign of an image that is being retouched.

Color Correction Specialist – A wise color specialist who can determine the exact colors, tones and vibrance.

Post Processing Wedding – A candidate who is able to process seamlessly thousands of wedding images and make every moment memorable.

Post Processing Real Estate – Real estate involves all techniques required in editing whether indoor or outdoor images and as well as over-exposed and under exposed.