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Background Extension service

Background extension is a process where photo editing software is used to extend the background of the photo. In many cases, a good photo is often ruined by a limited background. Limited background cramps the subject with inadequate headspace or space on sides. The subject might have a splendid moment with details, but a lack of background space hinders its image. Background, headspace from the sides plays a vital role in sharing the story through the photograph.

Our background extension service ensures that photos with inadequate background get the breathing space it needs. A popular tool like Photoshop uses customizable canvas to create the space. A magic wand tool from the left-hand tool list fills up the area by extending the background. The aware content tool triggers the AI of Photoshop to ensure the intelligent extension of the background without hampering or distorting the subject photo. The service can quickly free up space, which can make the picture get the much-needed attention it deserves.