Beginners Guide in Jewelry Photo Editing Service

//Beginners Guide in Jewelry Photo Editing Service

A definitive guide in editing and retouching jewelry images. Selling jewelries online takes time and effort to attract buyers online. The need to present naturally edited images for posting to your website is a must. So how exactly images are processed and can be seen as close to the real product as possible. Here is a brief guide on how images are being edited in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom.


To start with, images need to be prepared before they are edited. You have to pinpoint areas that need attention. Converting your RAW image from CR2, DNG, ARW to workable PSD version is definitely suggested however adjusting the settings works best working with RAW.

Brightness & Contrast

Adjusting the correct brightness or light in the image makes your image more visible. Simply adjusting the shadows, midtones and highlights can give you the head start in providing the necessary details of your jewelry. Contrast however gives the depth of your image by enhancing the shadow parts and brighter areas of your image.

Retouching Blemishes & Spots

One of the crucial step in editing your jewelry is retouching blemishes or any imperfection visible in the image. During the photoshoot a micro camera needs to be used in order to take as close as possible. Most of the time you won’t be able to see spots, blemishes and hair like clothe. However, when you import your image to Photoshop you are able to see a lot of foreign particles by zooming in. It is crucial to remove these blemishes and spots to have a better image online. Using a clone or patch tool enables you to remove easily these unnecessary details.

Color Enhancement

Images come out RAW and bare when you import them to your computer. Adjusting the right temperature and tint allows you to have a better neutral look of your image. Customers prefer to have the natural look of the color base on the actual product. An over enhanced image of your product can upset the client when they receive the product. As seen on the chart you can see the temperature of an image from warmth to cool.

Color Temperature Chart

Image Manipulation

Jewelers often look for more manipulation in their rings, necklaces, bracelets and many more. You can change the band or stone to your preferred style. Changing the colors as well to rose gold, white gold and silver is one way of manipulating your jewelry.

Hue and Saturation


Since jewelry images have large sizes the need to crop your photo to your desired size is important. Press C in Photoshop to activate the tool in cropping your image. Adjust the size by simply dragging the corners or the image. You can change your cropping anytime to your desired size.


Sharpening your image makes your image look crisp and bold. A professional look gives a positive impression to every costumer. Sharp image is better because every detail visible and the costumers like sharp photos. You can either sharpen a specific area or simply use the sharpening tool to sharpen all of the image.

Save File & Compress

After all the processing you can now save your file to JPG or WebP. Compressing your image makes your website faster to browse and easy to navigate.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Edit a Jewelry?

Import your jewelry image to Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom and apply the right settings in order to achieve great results. Check our page Jewelry Photo Editing

How to Retouch a Jewelry Photo?

Using a patch tool you can remove or replace blemishes in the area.

Pen Tool enables you to remove the background of your jewelry photo.

What Photo Editing Software is Best?

Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom

How much is the cost of editing an Jewelry?

Prices can go from $ .80 cents to $ 3 in retouching an image. Hiring a professional jewelry photo editor gives you an advantage.


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