Beginners Guide in Photo Editing Service

//Beginners Guide in Photo Editing Service

A definitive guide in editing and retouching photography images. Often times photo editing is associated with post production a process where images undergo adjustments. These adjustment involve white balance, color, sizes and many more. Photo shoot normally takes place either indoor or outdoor and every after shoot images needs to be edited. This is what we call “post processing” wherein you import a RAW image to a photo editing software. One of the most famous software professional photographers use is Adobe Lightroom. You can easily adjust almost everything in your image. You can retouch any image using Adobe Photoshop.

White Balance

White balance also known as “WB” is the process of adjusting the amount of light that is in the photo which balances the overall lighting of the image. Adjusting the camera settings color temperature will give you the foundation of your white balance warmth or cool light.

Color Adjustment

A photo consist of various color from RGB to CMYK. This process allows you to adjust the right proper color for your professional images. Most photographers apply color adjustment to their images to achieve great results.

Temperature and Tint

Color temperature is the warmth and coolness of an image, it ranges from orange to blue color. Tint have green and magenta colors. Adjusting both temperature and tint will give you either neutral or customized color preset. This enables you to have a unique color preset by adjusting both.

Shadow, Midtones & Highlights

These are the 3 types of lights and darks of the image. Selecting the right setting allows you to adjust the bright and dark area of your image. Shadows are darks parts of an image while highlights are the brighter parts of the photo. Midtones however is the mix of shadow and highlights.


Blurred photos can be corrected using a sharpening tool. Images with low resolution often have poor pixels or resulting to blurry images. An easy way to adjust sharpness is to use the sharpening tool and apply as desired percentage to your image.


Cropping enables you to straighten your image at the same time adjust the frame focus to your required dimension. You can select a specific part of your image by including or excluding the frame.


Resizing an image is adjusting the height and width of the photo. This can be done by using a resizing tool in order to resize the image.

Photo Retouching

Make your image flawless without any spots and scratch using retouching service. This makes your image look perfect without any imperfections in the image. There are 2 ways to retouch an image, you can patch up or simply remove the parts that are affected.

File Format

An image can be saved using different file types such as JPEG, PNG, PSD, TIFF and more. You can set the proper format of your picture depending on your need.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Edit a Photo

Import your image to Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom and apply the right settings in order to achieve great results.

How to Retouch a Photo?

Using a patch tool you can remove or replace the area that is imperfect.  

What Photo Editing Software is Best?

Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom

How much is the cost of editing an Image?

Prices can go from $ 1 to $ 5 in retouching an image. Hiring a freelance photo editor can save you money since they charge lower than companies.


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