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Belly Retouching Service

Belly retouching service is a process of getting the belly retouched and to get it slim, natural, and glamorous using a photo editing software. It is often becomes the cause of embarrassment in photos for both men and women. Especially in portfolios, people want to have a flat, toned belly without any spot or stretch marks. Most bellies are either bulging, got stretch marks, or any other scar that looks embarrassing on the photo. These are unwanted when it comes to having a good portfolio or profile. For toned, spotless belly, a professional editing tool is used for editing and retouching.

Belly Cellulite Removal

Types of Belly Retouching

  • Slimming Waist – a magic way to reduce volumes without tiring workouts in a gym. Belly retouching services is a perfect solution.
  • Flat Stomach – a stomach bloated worries in picture is no more worries with our retouching service it can make difference.
  • Remove Stretch Marks – having stretch marks can affect their confidence and self-esteem wearing bikinis in picture in this case you wont be worried anymore.
  • Erase Skin Flaws – We remove dark spots and uneven skin tone in your photos such as acne, scars, pimples and more.
  • Remove Fat Folds – reduce your tummy and fat rolls around your waist in your photo to make your body looks perfect.

How to Retouch a Belly in Photoshop?

To create a perfect body, creating a body shape is an essential step. In this step, we are going to show you how to create the perfect belly according to Photoshop Retouching.

1. Create the shape of your belly by using the Pen tool and drag it out from where your waist starts.

2. Set your shape as a Smart Object so that you can edit it later on with ease and put it on its own layer

3. Adjust the curves of your shape by following these steps:

a) Make sure that your stomach has enough space in its left side so you can work on it easily

b) Choose gaussian blur filter in filter list

c) Make sure that you’re working with 100% opacity d) Select “magnify” tool and follow.