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Facial Retouching

Description:Facial Retouching refers to enhancing of facial features of a person, it includes adjusting or changing any features of the face.

Service Features:

  • Eyebrow Retouching
  • Eyebags Removal
  • Nose Enhancement
  • Lips Enhancement
  • Pimples, Acne, Blemishes and Freckles Removal
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Skin Enhancement

Description:Skin Enhancement is a process where the skin tone enhanced evenly, it also removes blemishes, acne or freckles and smoothens the skin to look a glamour glowing skin. 

Service Features:

  • Even Skin Tone
  • Smoothen Skin
  • Removes Unwanted Marks
  • Cellulite Removal

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Body Sculpting

Description:Body Sculpting is a process where body figures enhanced naturally it also includes slimming of  the body.

Service Features:

  • Belly Reducing
  • Abs Retouching
  • Stretch Marks Removal
  • Cellulite Removal

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Stray Hair Removal

Description:In portrait photography, it is very important to have flawless shiny hair. It is unpleasant to see some portrait pictures to see some hair flies away.

Service Features:

  • Remove Stray Hair
  • Change Hair Color
  • Fix Split Ends

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