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Company A

Company Profile: Real Estate Company in the USA
Service Offered: Real Estate Listings
Problem: The company is looking for a company that can accommodate 10,000 images monthly. Different franchisee will send images daily.
Pricing: Fix Pricing
Required Turn Around Time: within 24 Hours
Country: New York USA


First Contact: The Real Estate Company in the USA contacted Joepet Macariola to help them with the problem.
Second Contact: Requested for RAW Images and Received the RAW Photos via Dropbox
Third Contact: Approval from Client
Forth Contact: Client Approved, Contract Sent for Signing

The client was provided with 6 Real Estate Photo Editor Dedicated to send their images from 9:00AM – 5:00PM New York Time.

Success Rate: 100%

Customer Support : Problems arising in terms of files and special request of turn around time of 2 hours are also achieved.

Client is fully satisfied with the service even without contact for 3 months already. Photo Editing Company was able to make sure quality and turn around of clients are achieved 100%.