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How to Create a GIF in Photoshop

The Graphics Interchange Format or GIF files are the best way to express your imagination as visual representation. GIFs are not only small in size, they don’t need any particular program to be installed on your computer to open. Although a plethora of websites offer GIF creation services at absolutely no cost, you don’t have much control over the final output. This approach is even more unreliable if you want to create a GIF for your business, and keeping it copyright

How to resize an image in Photoshop

Introduction To better understand how to resize a photo in Photoshop, we will be discussing below how it is done. By using the image size tool you can adjust height, width, resolution and even percent, pixel, inches, centimeters. Steps 1. Open your File in Photoshop 2. Click File > Image Size Alt + Ctrl + I Image Size 3. Adjust Height and Width of your Image Resize from width 4,575 px by height 6,866px 4. Change the width and height of the image to resize the photo. Resize