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How to Edit Jewelry Photo

Introduction Jewelry is a commodity where most of its value depends on the demand. Luckily in the jewelry industry demand is always there for most wealthy people. Luxury and lifestyle has always been the epitome of success for most of the 1% of the population. A jewelry product is composed of metal and stones which is Gold, Silver and Diamonds. These materials combined make up the value of every jewelry. To better understand we need to know more about the

How to Edit Real Estate Photos

Learn how to edit real estate photos professionally using Photoshop. Discover how real estate photo editors process images using the right set of skills to get better results. Single Exposure An single image taken by a real estate photographer ready for processing. This is a process where there is only one exposure of image. The image usually does not give all the exposed area thus making it hard for the photo retoucher to edit the image given the limited exposure required. Multiple Exposure An

How to Edit Product Photos for Website Store Online

Learn how to edit product photos using Photoshop software to get the best result of your product. Products online needs to undergo a photo editing process where the image will be enhanced. To improve the overall quality of the image it needs the adjustment of the colors, size, background, white balance and retouch blemishes Jewelry Products Sold Online Jewelry photos come out very bare after a photoshoot. It is then processed rigorously by a photo retoucher. The process of editing a jewellery

How to Clean Image

How to Clean Real Estate Photo How to Retouch Portrait Image How to Clean Food Image How to Clean Jewelry Image Step 1 Import your image to Photoshop and Open your Toolbar. Step 2 Click in the Spot Healing Brush. Step 3 Start removing small spots and then bigger spots. Step 4

Tracing the Image

How to Remove Background from Image in Photoshop

Removing a background from image in Photoshop is easy. Using tools such as Pen Tool you are able to precisely remove the background. We will discuss step-by-step. Remove background and change to whiteChange Background to TransparentHow to create Clipping Paths in Photoshop Pen tool is a precision tool that enables you to make precise Paths. A path is a line where you can activate and cut off the image background. Open File by Clicking Open sample.jpgOpen Layers, Channels and PathClick Pen Tool in

How to Create a GIF in Photoshop

The Graphics Interchange Format or GIF files are the best way to express your imagination as visual representation. GIFs are not only small in size, they don’t need any particular program to be installed on your computer to open. Although a plethora of websites offer GIF creation services at absolutely no cost, you don’t have much control over the final output. This approach is even more unreliable if you want to create a GIF for your business, and keeping it copyright

How to resize an image in Photoshop

Introduction To better understand how to resize a photo in Photoshop, we will be discussing below how it is done. By using the image size tool you can adjust height, width, resolution and even percent, pixel, inches, centimeters. Steps 1. Open your File in Photoshop 2. Click File > Image Size Alt + Ctrl + I Image Size 3. Adjust Height and Width of your Image Resize from width 4,575 px by height 6,866px 4. Change the width and height of the image to resize the photo. Resize