15 Photo Editing Services that you can Outsource in Philippines

Outsourcing your photo retouching is one the best decisions you’ll ever make in boosting your business online. Hiring a reliable photo editor that can deliver you both quality and fast turn-around time is an advantage. To improve your sales, high quality images for your customers is a must. The process can be time consuming but overall gives the best results. Here are the services we offer in photo editing company. Photo Editing With attractive and professionally edited photos, increasing your daily sales

10 Real Estate Photo Editing Tips for Your Business

A successful real estate business can get you a lot of money. Besides having a smart business plan and great communication skills, real estate agents must prepare high-quality images. No matter how affordable your property is or how good is your communication, you’ll never get a “deal” if you provide low-quality images. Land and house properties are great investments. Thus, real estate businesses must also invest in good quality images to sell properties. Here are some photo editing tips for your

Beginner’s Guide in Product Photo Editing

Product photo editing involves creating attractive sellable product images sold online. You may add or correct details to enhance image composition and quality. High-quality product photos influence customers’ decision-making and convince them to purchase items.  Learn how to produce enticing and sellable product images in this guide.  Background Removal Photo background removal plays a pivotal role in the eCommerce platform. A product image could contain several unpleasant things and distract the client’s attention from the primary object. Hence, you need to remove or

Beginners Guide in Jewelry Photo Editing Service

A definitive guide in editing and retouching jewelry images. Selling jewelries online takes time and effort to attract buyers online. The need to present naturally edited images for posting to your website is a must. So how exactly images are processed and can be seen as close to the real product as possible. Here is a brief guide on how images are being edited in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. Preparation To start with, images need to be prepared before they are

Beginners Guide in Photo Editing Service

A definitive guide in editing and retouching photography images. Often times photo editing is associated with post production a process where images undergo adjustments. These adjustment involve white balance, color, sizes and many more. Photo shoot normally takes place either indoor or outdoor and every after shoot images needs to be edited. This is what we call “post processing” wherein you import a RAW image to a photo editing software. One of the most famous software professional photographers use is