Clipping Path Services

Clipping Path Services

Clipping Path, also known ”deep etching”, is a path drawn around the image which allows you extract the subject image from its background. Derived from the word clipping which means cutting out a piece, and path which means a line that separates the subject from the rest; the name itself explains the whole.

Pen Tool is more accurate than magic wand because you can pin point the exact line of your image. Clipping path specialist rely only pen tool to prepare the image before removing or replacing a background.

Product Photo Cut Out

The closest analogy of Clipping Path in simpler term is cutting out a piece of an image from an old newspaper. To create a smooth and perfect cut, you need to create an outline that borders the background and the subject image. The same thing goes with Clipping Path, you draw a subtle line around the figure and removes it from the rest of the photo.

In digital editing, Clipping Path is available in Adobe Photoshop. You may activate this function and start creating an imaginary line around the image and remove it from its originating piece. This allows you to omit shadow, stands, and other photo killing flaws. Every single detail within the path is saved for further application and image manipulation. Whatever’s outside the line is left behind.

Cutting Out an Image

A Pen Tool is available in Adobe Photoshop which functions as a precise cutting tool in creating a clipping path. A Pen Tool has a right and left arm which allows you to control the overall position and size of the line from the front and back. It functions synonymous with Magic Wand but Pen Tool is way more accurate than the other. It lets you include even the slightest detail of your subject image. Clipping Path specialist only uses and relies on Pen Tool in preparing the image before extracting or replacing the background.

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How to use Clipping Path

How much does a clipping path or image masking cost?

It costs as low as $ .49 cents depending how many images do you need editing.

What types of photos do you provide clipping path services?

We provide such services to e-commerce websites, small business and even photographers.

Why you should choose Photo Editing Company in Clipping Path?

Because we are the only company who can provide the highest quality and competitive price range.