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Outfit Ideas For Newborn

Cute Outfit Ideas for Newborn Photoshoots

In this article, we’ll share cute outfit ideas for your newborn photoshoot. In this article, we’ll share cute outfit ideas for your newborn photoshoot. You can use it either when you will be doing a DIY newborn photoshoot or do it with a professional photographer in a studio

5 Cute Outfit Ideas for Newborn Photoshoot:

Outfit #1: Onesies Galore

A newborn photoshoot is the ideal occasion to wear onesies. They are simple to coordinate with any background or concept you have in mind because they are available in different colors and patterns. Your baby will be relaxed and comfortable during the picture session because they are warm and easy to put on.onesies galore

  • Tips for Choosing Onesies

When choosing newborn photoshoot onesies, look for soft materials like organic cotton. Choose solid colors for a classic look or patterns like stripes for a playful vibe. Consider themes for special occasions. Mix and match onesies with your own style.

  • Seasonal Onesie Selection

If you take photos of your baby during a special occasion, dressing them in an outfit that matches the theme can be adorable. A baby wearing a pumpkin onesie in the fall is cute. A onesie with hearts is great for Valentine’s Day photos.

  • Comfort is Key

Make sure to choose soft and cozy onesies for your baby that don’t have scratchy materials or annoying tags. Look for onesies with snaps for easy diaper changes and ones with cute labels like “One Month” or “First Smile” to document your baby’s growth in photos.

Outfit #2: Tutus and Bow Ties

For a formal and elegant look, consider dressing your newborn in a tutu or a bow tie. Tutu are perfect for little girls and add a touch of whimsy and charm to the photos. Bow ties, on the other hand, are perfect for little boys and give a more polished and dapper look.

Tutus and Bow Ties

  • Tips for Choosing Tutus and Bow Ties

When choosing a tutu for your newborn, make sure it’s comfortable and not too tight around the waist. Look for tutus made with soft, flowy materials that won’t irritate your baby’s skin. As for the color, you can go for a classic white tutu or a more vibrant color like pink or blue.

For bow ties, make sure they are not too tight around your baby’s neck. Look for ones made with soft fabrics and adjustable straps. You can choose a bow tie that matches the color of the tutu or go for a contrasting color for a more unique look.

  • Fabric and Texture Choices

The fabric of the tutu should be lightweight and non-irritating. Tulle is a common choice, but make sure it’s soft against your baby’s skin. Similarly, for bow ties, a satin or silk fabric can add a touch of luxury without compromising on comfort.

  • Use Props

Consider pairing the tutu or bow tie with coordinating props, such as a headband for girls or suspenders for boys. Props can add character to your photos and help tell a story.

  • Dressing for the Theme

If your photoshoot has a specific theme, choose a tutu or bow tie that complements it. For instance, a nautical-themed bow tie could be perfect for a beach photoshoot, while a floral-patterned tutu could enhance a springtime setting.

Outfit #3: Matching Outfits for Parents and Baby

For a heartwarming and sentimental touch, consider dressing your newborn in a matching outfit with one or both parents. This is a perfect way to show the special bond between parents and their newborn.

matching outfits for parents and baby

  • Tips for Choosing Matching Outfits

When choosing matching outfits, keep in mind that they don’t have to be the same. You can go for a similar color scheme, pattern, or style. For example, if the parents are wearing white shirts, you can dress your baby in a white onesie with a similar pattern or design. Or, if the parents are wearing plaid, you can dress your baby in a plaid dress or romper.

  • Coordinating Colors

Selecting outfits that share a common color palette can create a pleasing effect in photos. Matching colors isn’t necessary, but coordinating them can make the pictures look better and emphasize the family bond.

  • Complementary Styles

If you’re not keen on wearing the exact same outfit as your baby, consider complementary styles. For instance, if the baby is wearing fancy clothes, parents can wear slightly fancy clothes too. This will match the baby’s style.

  • Including Siblings

If there are older siblings, including them in the matching outfit scheme can be a great way to show the growing family. Involving siblings in picking out outfits can lead to cute photos. Whether it’s matching PJs or coordinating clothes, it’s a fun idea.

Outfit #4: Swaddles and Wraps

Swaddles and wraps are a popular choice for newborn photoshoots. They create a cozy and snug environment for your baby, making them feel safe and secure. Plus, they come in a variety of colors and patterns, giving you more options for your photoshoot.

swaddles and wraps

  • Tips for Choosing Swaddles and Wraps

When choosing a swaddle or wrap, make sure it’s made with a comfortable and stretchy fabric. This will ensure your baby is comfortable and able to move freely. You can choose a solid color or a patterned swaddle, depending on the theme or style you have in mind.

  • The Art of Swaddling

Swaddling is a technique that not only comforts babies but also enhances their photos. By learning how to swaddle properly or getting help from a photographer, you can make your baby look peaceful and cozy. Adding layers and different textures like lace or burlap can make the photos more interesting and visually appealing.

  • Color Harmony with Backgrounds

Pick swaddles that go well with or stand out from your background choice. A neutral-colored wrap can be stunning against a vibrant backdrop, while a brightly colored swaddle can pop in a more subdued setting.

Outfit #5: Personalized Onesies

For a truly special and one-of-a-kind outfit, consider getting a personalized onesie for your newborn. The onesie can be personalized with their name, birthdate, or a sweet saying, creating a treasured memento that you will remember for years to come.

Personalized Onesies

  • Tips for Choosing Customized Onesies

Make sure to place your order for a personalized onesie far enough in advance to give the item enough time to be created and delivered. For a classic look, go for a white onesie with black letters; alternatively, go for a vibrant hue, like red or navy, for a joyful and lively appearance.

  • Selecting Fonts and Designs

On a customized onesie, the text’s typeface and layout are crucial factors to take into account. Select a typeface that is both aesthetically pleasing and easy to read. Simple fonts can give a whimsical touch to the images, and simple designs might be more classic.

  • Adding Special Dates or Achievements

Customized onesies can also mark special dates, such as the baby’s birth date, or celebrate achievements, like “First Christmas.” These details make the outfit and the photoshoot extra special.

  • Celebrating Family Heritage

Onesies with personal touches can also celebrate the cultural background or legacy of your family. Your pictures can have extra meaning if you include a phrase or symbol from your culture.


For any new parent, taking pictures of their newborn is an unforgettable and unique experience. Additionally, you may make it even more cute and distinctive by dressing appropriately. Take into account these suggestions for outfits and styling advice to get the ideal look for your baby’s picture. Keep in mind that your child will grow up quickly and that these pictures will become priceless memories, so make the most of the time and have fun.

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