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Elegant Ceremony Invitation style that you cannot ignore in 2020

Wedding” is something auspicious for each human being. But sending invites to their peers, family and making them present to the event makes much more the event beautiful, isn’t it? So, what if you can get a Free wedding invitation online, wherein you create it hassle-free and send it across to everyone and save time. So, let’s see how you can create with some creativity and make it look more like a traditional invitation.

So, from this picture, you can know the way a wedding card looks, and the same way if online it’s available, don’t you make use of it and add more creative skills and share it across to everyone.

Nowadays, people access online and most of them are active on Social Media. Hence, connecting with people and sending them important invites have become easier. It’s all a simple click, where you can customize your wedding invitation and either download and share it or else print and mail it. Hence, make a better choice, however, we will look at both the benefits of it and some pitfalls too.

Ways of Creating Free Wedding Invitation Online:

Yes, the wedding date has been fixed and now we start looking for some creative ideas, time-saving and money-saving ideas too, isn’t it? Now, the idea of “Free wedding Invitation” arises and now let’s see the way of creating it and what are the amazing features it has too.

Wedding Invite-Paper Mode:

A traditional invite means a lot of it’s a special event by directly meeting people and that’s the long way practice which people have been following. But, for the past few years in this Digital World, people wanted to save time, make use of social media, and create the same Traditional invite online. Wondering, how?

Simple, if you search for a Free wedding invitation online, you would be able to get various templates on it and you can choose it to be a paper model. You can customize the options by adding the Bridegroom name with fantastic backgrounds and make use of your creativity too.

  • Background images/colors can be added
  • Various type of Texts effects can be chosen
  • You can choose the template which is available or create your lovely wedding card.

Wedding Invite-Video Mode:

Video wedding invites are something trending now and let it be Bride and Groom, even their family sees it as a creative idea. This video invites something that feels like a personal invite however the size of the video which would be sent also to be considered. So, if you are aware of all it, then this is something of an amazing idea.

  • Bride/Groom personal invite to all their peers, folks-kind of personal message
  • You can either make it short or quite long by mentioning the date of the wedding and place too
  • Either “Wedding teaser” can be sent along with Paper wedding invite
  • Something memorable by everyone

Wedding Invite-Graphic Art:

What if some ideas that go both trending, interesting, and make yourself creative, proud too? Like a video wedding invite, this is something via Graphic art mode, you can send invites to everyone whom you would like to invite and make the event Heart-warming.

  • Motion Graphic art can be created
  • Bunch of innovative Graphic designs available
  • Time-saving and make it momentous for your family, peers, etc

Therefore, it’s been a detailed way of knowing the way of creating wedding invites and guess it would be fascinating too. Now let’s see what all the options are available in creating the invite and how you can make use of it.

  • Theme basic cards can be designed- Like floral based, Beach, Indian, Western, Indian themes too
  • Seasonal way of Wedding invites can also be created which could be simple too
  • What if you create a Food type wedding invite by adding “Bride” and “Groom” names, something unique? And it can be mysterious too.
  • Festive mode of Invite based on the month/ date the wedding has fixed
  • Either Introduction-Wedding invite or even as a Slideshow by adding your wedding card with Bride and Groom pictures can make it more personalized invite too

Lots more is there, so if you would like to go ahead with the online mode of wedding invite, we can explore lots of options in that and see your creativity in it.

Benefits of Free Wedding Invitation:

  • In this digital era, this way of creating inviting is Trending one and Time saving too
  • Cut cost on expenses
  • Comfortable and easier to organize it

Limitations of Free Wedding Invitation:

  • Despite being time-saving, few people in your family or your peers don’t consider you a perfect invite. So might segregate and invite them directly or make them understand what’s something trending.
  • Few people are not much exposed to the Internet, so for them, it could be difficult to check or access too.


Thus, making your wedding events more beautiful, memorable, and creative wedding invites is something wonderful. But, choose the best way of creating the personalized invite-Let it be a video or Paper mode, even the words in it matter a lot. Hence, adding some value-adding words and sharing it across would be something worth remembering and unique too.

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