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Glamorous makeover transforms an ordinary image into an attractive photograph . Models get their face and hair retouched to appear glamorous. The entire canvas can be improved with the help of the 3D effect and attractive light effects. A considerable Pen tool skill is needed to work with the makeover. But the photo must have the perseverance and artistic perception to suit the needs. A touch of creativity will help to gain good results.

You can add makeup effects on the photo, retouch the skin, and make an ordinary photo outstanding. Especially photographers can use a makeover to create stunning images out of ordinary ones. When you are creating your portfolio for professional purposes, Glamour makeover is a must-use tool for improving the photos. Coming paragraphs will discuss how glamour makeover can be given in the photos to have a more desired outcome.

Implementing Glamour Makeover

Using any standard tool like Photoshop, Glamour Makeover needs working in layers. The Pen Tool is used to remove the background if it does not match with the visual output.

The airbrush tool is used to make the skin smooth once the figure has been cut from the background. The Clone Stamp tool is used on the image to remove any irregularities. A soft rubber brush with 65 percent opacity will help in cleaner removal.

Further enhancements are done to make eyes more prominent, refining the nose, making the mouth more attractive. The makeup effect is inserted on the face. It is a detailed process and requires a lot of snippets. The background can be created at last to provide artificial light effects, creating 3D effects to make the background enjoyable.

However, there are endless ways of Glamourous retouch. It varies from photo to photo, and steps will increase with more details.