Graphic Vector Services / Vectorization Logo Design

Changing your images from a pixel to sharp colored graphic is what we call graphic vector services. It is a high-quality raster to vector conversion of your raw image. Vector conversion services of the photo editing company specializes in converting bitmap images into vector formats.

We provide comprehensive conversion of an image from blurry to extremely sharp. In addition, these services are often used in t-shirt designs where a logo or design is retraced and applied by a strong colored graphic. The outcome would be a very strong spot on colored graphics.

How a Vector is Made

Raw photo is imported in Adobe Illustrator, After that we use a “Pen Tool” to create a path. A path is an “imaginary line” that is used in Photoshop in order to trace an image. Once an image is traced after which it is filled with proper colors. The result would be a strong shape or design which makes it more bold in color.

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Vector Logo Design Service

We do logo design using your old image and carefully trace the text, shapes of the logo. After that we can then apply fill color to make it solid. Logos come in various shapes and sizes, we can do everything for as long the the resolution is big enough to resize. Resizing the image enables the graphic artist to fully enlarge the photo to make it easier for tracing.

The need for raster to vector services is highly subscribed online. Our company provides these services in order to give clients a fast way of converting images to vector.

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