How to Edit Jewelry Photo


Jewelry is a commodity where most of its value depends on the demand. Luckily in the jewelry industry demand is always there for most wealthy people. Luxury and lifestyle has always been the epitome of success for most of the 1% of the population. A jewelry product is composed of metal and stones which is Gold, Silver and Diamonds. These materials combined make up the value of every jewelry. To better understand we need to know more about the jewelry first.

1. Import the Jewelry

Open your image by importing your photo. Once you have open your file a camera raw setting will pop up enabling you to adjust the settings. Before doing so we need to duplicate the layer to start working on your image. You need to duplicate a layer in case you do something with the original photo.

2. Remove the Background

Backgrounds of products are usually taken out to have a clean view of the image. The removal of the background from the image makes the photo visible to buyers adding credibility. Using a “Pen Tool” we are able to trace carefully the image. After tracing we can mask the image to select the background or the product.

3. Trace the Diamonds

4. Adjust the Exposure

5. Enhance the Color

6. Retouch Blemishes

7. Final Touches



10. Save as Image

You can send your raw images for us to do a trial editing.

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