How to remove background image using Photoshop (Easy)

How to Remove the Background using Photoshop

The remove background using Photoshop is a long process where you trace or create a mask in order to remove the background. There is a few steps in creating a path where we can trace the object and then eliminate the background completely.

To remove the background from a picture in Photoshop:

  1. Click File > Open > Image.jpg
  2. On the Tools tab, click Pen Tool.
  3. pen tool
  4. Select the part of the image to start tracing
  5. Click on the Work Path to save it
  6. Once done tracing activate the Path and Ctrl + Delete to Fill in the Background
  7. When you’re finished, Save the File as JPEG or PSD

The Process of Removing the Background

basic remove background dress originalbasic remove background dress pen tool

basic remove background dress tracebasic remove background dress transparent

This is the overall process in removing the background of your image using photoshop. You can also compress the image using TinyPNG in order to have lesser file size.