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There are a lot of options for free and paid applications to help the process of learning photo editing. Almost all published photographs are edited after photography shoot. Post-production is the most important aspect of a modern photo shoot. This is the stage in which the finished photograph is stylized and color profiles are added. Most photo shoots are shot in a RAW format. RAW is an uncompressed file type delivering photographs with all of the data captured by the camera, to give the photo editor a natural image to work with.

For editorial photo shoots, photographers often edit images themselves as photo editing is an extension of a photographer’s art. Some photo editing software offers step by step instructions to make it easier when learning photo editing through practical experience. Some of the most common aspects that are edited in photos are brightness, exposure, contrast, sharpness, and saturation. With these few changes, a photo can be given almost any look imaginable. Choosing the right photo editor to suit your expertise is important. If you are a beginner learning photo editing, Adobe Photoshop will suffice. For more experienced photo editors there are other more complex software available. If you are looking for software that is designed to handle high volume photography, for example, if you are shooting for E-commerce purposes, then capture one is industry level software.

Photo editing is also used for more complex solutions to photography problems such as removing shadows, adding products, removing backgrounds and visual illusions. Some photo editors have become famous because of their style of editing and ability to manipulate photographs to exact client specifications. Most of the time it is cheaper to hire a photo editor to remove shadows or blemishes from an image than it is to reshoot. Learning photo editing isn’t just a way of correcting substandard photo’s, it’s also a fun and creative art form. The best way to learn photo editing is through experience, and to train the eye to understand natural color profiles.

Jewelry Photo Editing BeforeJewelry Photo Editing After

Ring Shadow Creation

Diamond rings are retouched carefully to remove minor spots in the image and adjusting the color of the photo is usually done after the retouching.

Service Features:

  • Create Natural Shadows
  • Clipping Path Service
  • Color Adjustment

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Photo Retouching Silver Diamond Ring BeforePhoto Retouching Silver Diamond Ring After

High-End Retouch

Jewelries come in all different kinds of varieties, this can be rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more.

Service Features:

  • Spots Removal
  • Drop Shadow Service
  • Shinny Wedding Ring

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Jewelry Photo Retouching Pearl BeforeJewelry Photo Retouching Pearl After

Pearl Ring

Pearls photo editing is a treasure from the sea that can be worn to important events in our lives.

Service Features:

  • Clean Pearl Rings
  • Clipping Path Pearls
  • Correct Colors

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Photo Editing Infographics
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