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Outsource the Best eCommerce Services

Outsourcing e-commerce photo editing services has become a common trend in recent years. Photo editing is a service that often requires significant manipulation of images, photo retouching, image enhancement and extensive knowledge about photo terminology. Outsourcing these services saves time and money while guaranteeing quality work at scale.

Looking for the top 10 best and most reliable eCommerce photo service with the best price, Photo Editing Company is a good editing company to start your e-commerce business. Our editors are highly skilled in terms of photo editing. Here are the list of services:

Table of Contents

  • eCommerce Photo Enhancement
  • Background Removal
  • Image Retouching
  • Color Correction
  • Change Background to Transparent
  • Ghost Mannequin
  • White Background
  • Object Removal
  • Photo Manipulation
  • Image Blending

1. eCommerce Image Enhancement

Enhancing your ecommerce images can make it more attractive, it can be done with the used of photo editing tools like Adobe Photoshop. It your ecommerce business boost in market online.

2. Background Removal

Commercial Product Photo Editing Service

The background is a useful tool for enhancing the appearance of your photo. However, every time you take a photo, it is inevitable that things like clothes and a background are included in the photo. To remove undesirable or unwanted objects in your photos and make them more clear and easy on the eyes, you have to use software tools like Photoshop.

3. Images Retouching

Product Photo Editor

Image retouching is a process of manipulating one or more photographs to change their appearance, often to fix the effects of damage such as scratches, dust, spots or stains. Image retouching can be used to give an image positive and negative effects that make it look more realistic.

4. Color Correction

Color correction is the process of changing colors in an image. It can be done manually or digitally. The digital process has been widely adopted by professionals and consumers with photoshop being the most popular tool.

5. Change Background to Transparent

The main uses for having a transparent background are:

Identification in an image – it allows viewers to better appreciate what’s behind you, such as spatial elements and even human figures. It also helps them understand what’s going on in this image and get more out of it. Adding depth to an image – transparency is often used as an effect that adds depth to a scene or design, which often gives it more dimension and realism.

6. Ghost Mannequin

Ghost Mannequin Service

Ghost Mannequin is a photo editing tool that has been able to recognize hundreds of objects in a single image, including humans, furniture, and other animals. With the help of this service, it can adjust your photos based on their content. From enhancing your shots with amazing bokeh effects to correcting for exposure and color balance issues, the app can do it all.

7. White Background

Product Photography Editing Service

The background of an image can be many things, but they all serve the same purpose – to provide context and clarity. The background can be helpful in narrowing down the focus of an image and by extension, your readers’ attention.

Different types of backgrounds available to choose from:

  1. plain/neutral background: nothing special about it as it will not distract from the focal point of the image
  2. textured/patterned background: adds a more unique look to an image with a unique texture or pattern
  3. type of scene or setting (e.g. night time, sunset, beach)

8. eCommerce Object Removal

Ecommerce Image Editing Service

Object removal is a process that consists of moving objects to another location in the same image, or removing them from the image altogether.

9. Photo Manipulation

Product Photo Editing Shoes

Photo manipulation is the process of digitally altering a still image from a source, such as a photograph. The result is often an image that appears to be more artistic or creative than the source.

10. Image Blending

Product Ecommerce Photo Editing Service

Image blending allows us to create a single image from multiple source images. Some of the capabilities include:

  1. Blending multiple images into one, altering the intensity of each source image, adding or removing filters on each source image, and publish it in a single image.
  2. Blenders use machine learning algorithms to analyze photos and break down their content into layers. Importantly, these layers can be sliced and diced differently for each layer for more flexibility in final output.
Background Removal
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Clipping Path
Cut Out Background
Change Background to White
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Real Estate
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Color Correction
Lens Correction
Minor Retouching
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Photo Retouching
Per Image
$ .80
Price Starts at
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Object Removal
Minor Retouching
Acne, Pimples, Scars Removal
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Per Image
$ .69
Price Starts at
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Minor Clean Up
Minor Retouching
Background Removal
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Why Choosing Photo Editing Company for your Business?

Photo editing company is one of the best company which provide an eCommerce photo editing. We are highly skilled who are passionate about what we do. Our professional image editor can help you improve your brand quality, increase social engagement and boost your sales. Contact us, upload your raw images and get started!