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/Photo Editing Company Typhoon Haiyan Yolanda Relief Operations

Photo Editing Company Relief Operations

My name is Joepet Macariola and this is our story. One month after Typhoon Haiyan, i emailed customers to ask for help for the victims of one of the biggest Typoon in the History “Haiyan”. Indeed many generous customers helped, we bought, rice, sugar, coffee, water, toothbrush, toothpaste, medicines, canned goods, matches, everything that they need.

From Cebu to Ormoc and Ormoc to Tacloban. Our Story Begins.

Arriving in the city gives you a chilling feeling, it was like a movie set in Hollywood wherein houses gone, coconut trees blown by the wind, It was heartbreaking feeling. I could never imagine how it feels to have endured such monstrosity of mother nature.

Residents said that apart from the very strong wind it was like a tsunami of water sweeping whatever it can. Though there are communities built in light weight materials, the typhoon ripped through even the toughest cemented houses and establishments.

This boat was parked 10 Kilometers away from the shoreline was swept by Huge Waves.

Arriving in the area while looking at the boat, i see that the boat was parking in the spot where houses stood up.