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Photography is the art of creating durable images through electromagnetism, either electronically through the use of image sensors, or chemically by means of light sensitive photographic films. Photographers are self taught or trained artists with the camera lenses . They use technical skills, which when coupled with an artistic eye, produces pictures and images of people, landscapes, food, you name it.

Below is what you need to know about photography;

  • Let your focus be on getting it right on the camera. You will have avoided spending valuable time worrying about processing your pictures
  • Shoot in manual. It matters a lot
  • Do not fear high ISOs
  • There is a lot to learn. Photography follows a learning curve
  • Study the light in your shooting environment
  • You do not require the latest equipment and technology to shoot beautiful images. Now that you have an overview of how to go about the art of photography, let us explore the basic elements of photography:
  1. Aperture – This is the setting that regulates the amount of light entering through the lens. This setting acts to control the size of the opening that lets in light.
  2. Shutter Speed – This is the amount of time that the camera take to let in light, stay exposed and record the images.
  3. ISO – This one determines the correct exposure when you want to shoot. The use of a higher ISO reduces the clarity of an image, and even makes the lens to capture excess light. So, even if you are using the simplest of all basic equipment for shooting, applying these essential elements will give you nothing short of a very beautiful image.

How to take beautiful shots    

  • Look the subject in the eye
  • Ensure that you are shooting in a plain background
  • Control the light. You can use flashes for outdoor shooting. Flash lights remove shadows near the eyes.
  • Move in closer to the subject and maintain a clear focus     Even though you do not need the latest equipment and technology for beautiful and clear shots, there are lenses that will obviously grow you as a photographer. They include Sony, Nikon, Canon and Fuji brands. These ones come with a variety of features and techniques, or do we say settings, which when well utilized will help you take good photographs.

Why Photography is Profitable

I say that authoritatively because I know some popular photographers around the world who have made a living from the art. With creativity, technical skills, patience, keenness to details, strong networking and team working, you can make a good photographer. But to eke out a living from the art, you need to formulate an effective marketing strategy and attend exhibitions to sell out your shots.

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