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Photo Editing for Photographers

Photo editing company provides cost efficient services to photographers around the world. Photographers in portrait, studio, sports, wedding, real estate and many more can avail these services. Photography is a rising industry and the need for photographers has been growing rapidly. Our service offers retouching services that can speed up the post-production process. We understand that photographers prefer to edit or do their own post-process because each and every photograph is a masterpiece.

Outsourcing your photographs is an easy way to get the job done especially if you have many bookings. Normal turn-around can go from 3 weeks to even months but with outsourcing you can have your images as fast as 2-3 days. This page will guide you through how you can benefit from outsourcing your photo editing.

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Benefits of Outsourcing

Increase your Bookings

We all know that photo editing is part of every photographers job but outsourcing your post-production can save you time. Having to edit hundreds or thousands of images can take much of your time. The benefits of outsourcing your post-production can increase your bookings exponentially.

Fast Speed

Delivering your photographs to the client is crucial as competition is very high. Our service offers 24/7 editing for photographers who needs retouching wherein we are able to send images right away.

High Quality Editing

We only offer the highest quality image since we work with RAW images. Editing raw image such as CR2, DNG, TIFF, PSD and many more. High quality editing is one of our expertise providing the highest level of quality output.


Access our services at anytime and get the job done fast using our system. This allows photographers to request editing of images anytime making it more convenient for your business.

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Adjust Lightroom Settings

  • Exposure Adjustment
  • Temperature
  • Tint
  • Contrast
  • Highlights
  • Shadows
  • Whites
  • Blacks
  • Clarity
  • Vibrance
  • Saturation
  • Tone Curve
  • Lens Correction
  • Sharpness
  • Blur Correction



Selection of images from your camera can be a daunting task by separating the best shots. It is the first step in the post-production process wherein you separate those photos that are acceptable and not. You can easily spot an image that are qualified for processing. One of the criteria for processing an image is that it should be clear and sharp. Images that have obstructions or not straighten, needs retouching can be processed. Our team can do the selection process of your total images.

White Balance

Adjusting the white balance is the first step in post processing your images. To better understand your image adjusting the exposure, shadows, mid tones and highlights first is the best way to start editing.

Color Correction

The next step to editing the images is correcting the colors by adjusting the temperature and tint. Photographers can provide a preset or a reference to follow your style. We can replicate the settings that you want us to follow.

Clarity and Contrast

Adjusting the clarity and contrast makes your image more clear and presentable. It all depends on the sense of style of your photographs. We can follow your preferred setting in the clarity, contrast and sharpness of your image.


Every photo requires retouching, a process where manipulation of an image is required to create a better looking image. This process can be time consuming and we highly suggest to outsourcing this process as this takes time.


Saving your image to the clients desired format is the last process in post-production. We can provide different file format from JPG, PSD or your preferred format that your client wants. The resolution can also be adjusted to 200 or 300.

The Process of Outsourcing

Send Images

Sending your images in different format using


This stage is when your images are currently being processed by a graphic artist.


Download your images once the post-production process is finish. You will receive a notification that your images are done.



How much does it cost to edit image?

There are wide variety of pricing structure in editing. The price for color correction is $ .18 cents per image. Retouching can range from $ .80 cents to $ 5 depending on the difficulty of the image.

What is the turn around time?

Turn around time for color correction is 2-3 days while retouching can range from 1-5 days depending on the difficulty of the image.

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Color Correction
$ .18
White Balance
Temperature and Tint
Sharpness and Clarity
Brightness and Contrast
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Minor Retouching
$ .80
5 - 15 minutes
Hair Strands Minor
Removal of Objects
Clean Up
Blemishes Removal
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Major Retouching
$ 3
15 - 45 minutes
Pimples Removal
Major Object Removal
Major Face Clean Up
Takes 30 - 45 minutes
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