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Photo masking is a photo editing technology in which one makes part of the picture different from the rest of the image. It involves changing the transparency of the portion of the picture or completely removing a portion from it. In either way, photo masking would have been achieved. We have a wide variety of photo editing tools which are used widely for making the product catalogues and also design presentations. We have a technology referred to as clipping path which is used in conjunction with photo masking. Photo masking services and tools are used to remove complicated backgrounds from the rest of the image. Such pictures are usually used for commercial purposes mostly on electronic commerce websites.

We have four different levels of masking depending on the complexity of the picture or evens its quality. The first level is the simple level which is used for simple images which do not have complicated curves and also have straight lines. The second level is the medium level which applies to images that are a little bit complicated but not very hard to handle. Soft fabrics and furs are some of the photo features that can require this level. The third level is the hard level. This level of masking works with images which are much difficult and complicated. This can entail separating an object from the background. The last level is the complex level which is required for photographs that are extremely complex like complex patterns.

In conclusion, photo masking is a very important and excellent photo editing tool in business oriented websites in that it hides undesirable features from appearing to the clients. It also makes one to be able to add other features which may be required but were not initially found on the image. Therefore image masking makes products attractive and in return impress customers. This boosts the business now that the products look appealing hence having a positive impact to the business.


Jewelry Photo Editing BeforeJewelry Photo Editing After

Clipping Mask


Clipping Mask Service Features:

  • Add Objects
  • Layering
  • Clipping Path

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Necklace Photo Editing BeforeNecklace Photo Editing After

Text Image Masking


Text Image Masking Service Features:

  • Clipping Path
  • Layering
  • Merging of Text and Image

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Transparent Object Masking


Transparent Object Masking Service Features:

  • Clipping Path
  • Transparent Background
  • Remove Background
  • Natural Retouching

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1. How do I send images– Go to our Upload Page and send your raw images to us along with your instructions. We will then confirm once receive and send it back to you right away.

2.How long does it takes to get the pictures – Clients can get there images as fast as 8 hours. For images that ranges from 500 to 1,000 they can get in batches within 24 hours.

3.What is the price per photo – Prices vary in the types of pictures you have, a simple background removal starts at $ .49 cents. Photo retouching will range from $ .80 cents or more depending on the difficulty of the image.

4.Do you offer a bulk discount – Yes we offer bulk discounts for daily or weekly customers.

5.What kinds of photos do you edit or retouch – We edit images from products, real estate, jewelry, wedding and even studio shots. Our service will cater just about any images that you have.


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