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If you find a series of individual photos based on one subject to create a single image, you are looking at a montage. Photo Montage works with Cubism, which knows no bounds of time or perspective. Multiple images can be fused to create one stunning artwork.

Many photographers back in the 1980s played with expression, time, and space through a montage. Creating photo montage negates the limitation of painting and photography. Today a camera and computer are enough to create stunning artwork using individual images with the same theme. All you need to work is with a subject, plan the pattern, and design accordingly.

Photo Montage has brought in some interesting artworks which have turned heads. Various aspects of individual photos come into play. The lines within the images, the patterns in the game, parts of a similar scenario, or part of a larger image. These broken images can be amalgamated into a pattern.

Photo Montage Services

Once you have gathered various photos of a single scenario based on various perspectives, you are good to go. Use any standard Montage software to assist in creating the designs or auto layouts.

You can use one single image in the background and associate various photos with creating a story. Try various patterns from the software to get new ideas for creating a photomontage.

Make sure there is uniformity while working with various individual photos. It will bring together the various perspectives and moments to create one great picture.

You can retouch, adjust color, and embellish the final output for more effective results. Most of it depends on the production you have visualized.

Photomontages have a creative dimension of their own, and it can come out with unique artworks. It plays with perspective, designs, pattern, time-lapse and other aspects.