Photo Restoration Service

Photo Restoration Service

Photo restoration or “digital restoration” is a process of repairing damaged parts of an image through retouching and bring the quality of the image back to its original state. Images that were damaged by normal causes or even poor storage condition can be restored using Adobe Photoshop Software. A digital restoration artist can fully restore a photograph using necessary skills required to finish the job.

Restoring an Old Photograph

Photos need to be scanned in order to be converted into a digital file. Once the process is done, it needs to be imported to a photo editing software such as “Adobe Photoshop”. When the file is opened the restoration artist will have to analyze the whole image and provide assessment on the damage. There are many tools that are required in order to restore a photo, one of which is e.g clipping path second is “clone stamp tool” in order to re-create the parts by cloning the good area to the damaged part.

How to restore images

Images that were torn apart will have to undergo a retouching process in order to remove the lines. Watered images however will have to be re-created or drawn from scratch through the use of brushes and colors. In order to bring back its true color a “color correction” is required by adjusting the exposure, lighting, brightness and contrast. Enhancement of the overall photo is important to achieve its best result.

Hiring a Photo Restorer

PEC is a leader when it comes to retouching or restoring images. We are fully equipped both analytical and technical skills required to finish the project. Our team is highly trained to restore your images back to its glorious state. Image restoration also referred as digital restoration, is the process of repairing a damaged photo using different digital editing technology. The concept is pretty simple; bring the damaged photo back to its original state and enhance its quality through photo restoration service.

Old photos are often damaged by moisture, improper handling and storage, and natural causes. Photo Editing Company understands the value of old photographs; either personal or business related. But just like other material things, photographs are prone to deterioration over time. Without these solid proofs, there’s no way that we could prove the claims of the pasts. There’s no way we could remember the times we had when our brain refuses to unravel those memories. And just like that, our past may remain as ghosts that may or may not had happened. Good thing that the digital world found a way to bring back lifeless memories to life through innovative photo restoration service. We at Photo Editing Company uses Adobe Photoshop in restoring your photos.


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