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Photo stitching creates the perspective of image warp, where they can be aligned in the right manner. There are tons of applications found in the market for photo stitching. Just overlaying of panorama in a graphical program does not necessarily bring good results. There is a perspective transformation that occurs when the camera rotates. Digital photo stitching software is the workhorse in the panorama creating process. The system can provide one-click photo stitching or completely manual ones. Photo stitching produces segmented panorama or High-resolution images by combining photographic images. The software enables the stitching based on algorithms. You can find many digital cameras that have their image stitching, which forms panorama. Various uses of photo stitching include Image stabilization, High-resolution photomosaic, digital mapping in satellite photos. Video stitching, object insertion. Various panoramas include Spherical Panorama 360×180 degree, Giga Pixel Panorama, which stitches hundreds and thousands of images within billion pixels.

Photo Stitching Services

The best lens for capturing images will be a wide-angle lens. Lens between 40mm to 100 mm is best suited for the purpose. Photos for stitching are best shot with the RAW format. It will provide more flexibility during post-processing. It will help to manage the white balance, settings from one image to another. Exposure of the images has to be optimum. It is better if you start with sample shots.

Stitching these individuals photos can be done with available software. Systems like PTGui are quiet popular for photo stitching. Photoshop and Lightroom have useful panorama capabilities that function correctly. Selecting the images will provide an option for customer stitching design. These designs include spherical, Cylindrical, and perspective based stitching. The library will generate the final result after stitching. You might need to cut the jagged edges, which might appear after stitching.