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Photoshop Tools

Learn the basic tools to use in Adobe Photoshop.

Zoom Tool (Z)

The zoom tool allows you to zoom in and out of your photo in Photoshop. This enables you to see the smallest details in an image. The zoom tool is very important when editing an image because you can easily see up close of the image.

Hand Tool (H)

Hand Tool is widely used by professional photo editors in order to go across areas in the image where you can drag your view section without moving the picture.

Move Tool (V)

Moving objects in Photoshop is very useful because you have to move the layers, photos or objects that you opened. By pressing letter (V) you can use the move tool easily.

Rectangular Marquee Tool (M)

Elliptical Marquee Tool (M)

Lasso Tool (L)

Magnetic Lasso Tool (L)

Polygonal Lasso Tool (L)

Quick Selection Tool (A)

Selection Brush Tool (A)

Magic Wand Tool (A)

Refine Selection Brush Tool (A)

Auto Selection Tool (A)

Eye Tool (Y)

Spot Healing Brush Tool (J)

Healing Brush Tool (J)

Smart Brush Tool (F)

Detail Smart Brush Tool (F)

Clone Stamp Tool (S)

Pattern Stamp Tool (S)

Blur Tool (R)

Sharpen Tool (R)

Smudge Tool (R)

Sponge Tool (O)

Dodge Tool (O)

Burn Tool (O)

Brush Tool (B)

Impressionist Brush Tool (B)

Color Replacement Tool (B)

Eraser Tool (E)

Background Eraser Tool (E)

Magic Eraser Tool (E)

Paint Bucket Tool (K)

Pattern Tool (K)

Gradient Tool (G)

Color Picker Tool (I)

Custom Shape Tool (U)

Type Tool (T)

Pencil Tool (N)

Crop Tool (C)

Perspective Crop Tool (C)

Recompose Tool (W)

Content-Aware Move Tool (Q)

Straighten Tool (P)

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