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Post Production Service

Post-production is a process that follows right after a film is made, a video is produced, and after pictures are taken. It goes through all stages of production or recording to make corrections where needed or enhance certain segments. With the advent of video editing software, analogue or traditional post-production has been replaced by a platform that operates on a non-linear editing system. This makes post-production easier and faster to complete, but no less complex. In conclusion, the goal is to put out a film, video, or photographs that meet the desired output, and without the obvious noise and flaws.

Here are many processes involved in post-production, not just editing videos or the picture of a television program. It also taps into soundtracks, writing, recording/re-recording, or editing them. The addition of visual special effects, sound effects and design, and conversion of a film or video to different formats are some of the things post-production specialists do.

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Photo Editing Food Photoshop
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Photo Editing Food PhotoshopWedding Photo Retouching CompanyJewelry Photo Retouching

For every post-production process available there is an equivalent professional service on offer. These include quality control and mastering, sound editing, special effects, and adding captions and subtitles, among others. Quality control and mastering ensure the best experience for viewers of the internet, television, VoD platforms, and OTT devices. Moreover, adding visual effects and animations in 2D or 3D allows a professional post-production engineer to enhance different media with animations, logos, page layouts, and titles. This process even extends to branding, digital signage interface, internet design, and creation of storyboards. This is why post-production is not only vital to the filmmaking industry but also to PR agencies, businesses, and other entities that can benefit from post-production.

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Types of Post-Production

Photo Editing

This is where clips from a video or photoshoot are selected and then arranged into a specific order to create the desired story. Sound manipulation is also part of the process, along with foley sound and credits.


A process ensures that color is consistent throughout a video even when a shot is taken using multiple cameras with different lighting conditions. It also sets a film’s tone and a story’s continuity.

Visual Effects

This is where muzzle flashes, CGI, or green-screen compositing, among others, are done post-filming to further enhance a movie and the kind of experience it provides the viewers.


not to be confused with CGI, this post-production process creates an illusion of motion through a rapid succession of images played in sequence. There’s minimal difference between images.


Ensures a film meets specific video requirements of the platform it will be posted. A movie made for the big screen, for instance, must be adjusted when distributed to streaming websites.