Product Photo Editing

Product photo editing is a process of improving the visual style of your products in e-commerce website. There are so many different kinds of products online from apparel, electronics, jewelry, furniture and just about anything you can imagine. These products have their photos taken before being released online. After the photo- shoot images undergo a retouching procedure where the image is resized, adjusted and manipulated. This type of service helps customers sell their product even more online.

During a product photography blemishes are visually seen when transferred into a viewing device. Editing jewelry, apparel or any accessories can be time consuming and undergoes a rigorous scrutiny during the retouching phase. Products will have to be imported in Photoshop then it will be retouched. The primary  goal is to remove the background change to white and then remove blemishes and spots. Moreover, it will be color corrected by adjusting brightness, contrast, hue and saturation. The image needs to pass the customer requirement depending on style and visualization that you require. Improving the style, color, background and clarity of your product will increase your sales. Just a quick tip in taking product photos, always use these brands Nikon, Canon and Sony.

Benefits of Product Photo Editing

Increase Revenue

Having a good quality photos online can increase your sales due to better visualization of your products. A visitor who is able to see your product in detail will surely be your potential customer. It is important to make your products presentable online by improving the overall all quality and maintaining its natural form.

Brand Awareness

It is important to raise awareness to your visitors about your products and the key is product photo editing. Often than not we ignore the importance of product photo editing however we don’t know the rewards in the long run. One of the key success of an entrepreneur is raising brand awareness to customers via visualization of advertisements. It is important to have your images edited before running a campaign online.

Improve Visual Attraction

The key to selling products online is to improve your product image. By editing your product photos you can adjust, resize, retouch and color correct every image. This is a process of improving the quality of your product by means of editing via a photo editing software.

Product Photography Equipment


Preparing the right camera you can use for product photography is essential. Having to shoot a product image you need a high resolution camera or a better brand of camera. Find the best lens to use in product photography for better resolution. There are different kinds of camera you can use for taking product photos.


Stability in taking product image is crucial and in order to achieve the highest sharpness possible you need a tripod. Tripod enables you to stabilize your camera especially when taking product photos. You can angle it properly in a way that it’s ready for post production later on.

Lighting Kit

Using the best lighting kit allows you to have a better visual on your image. The light can give more attention to detail in every image that you take. Products sold online need to look at its best and one way of providing better result is a well lit image. Discover the different kinds of lighting kits available in the market.

Types of Product Photo Editing

Retouching Product Pictures

There are many types of apparel products and one of many is womens wear, mens wear and kids wear. These items are sold rapidly online in various marketplaces such as amazon, ebay and alibaba. One of the requirements of products posted online is a white background to make every image the same.

Photoshop Product Photo Retouching Service

Jewelry Product Photo Editing

Jewelers around the world sell millions of jewelry products online and has rapidly grown to over 200% – 2,000% over the years. When jewelry is taken there are flaws that are visible when viewed in computer. It will undergo a post-production process in order to fully furnish the image before posting.

Jewelry Product Photo Editing Service

Photo Retouching a Product Image

Technology has exponentially exploded for the last 10 years, selling electronic products online has grown uncontrollably. The demand for cellphones, tv, digital devices online makes online selling even more lucrative. As Apple and other major silicon valley companies improve to provide the best products for consumers, they launch new gadgets every month.

Product Photo Editing Fitness Model

Home and Kitchen

As population over the world has increased the demand for home and kitchen items is rapidly growing. Buyers of furniture, art, storage, bed and bath buy these products online. One of the most successful companies that provides home and kitchen products is ikea.

Product Photo Editing Kitchen

Background Removal of Products

Product background removal is a process of removing the background of an image using eraser tool in Photoshop. This is a procedure that is widely used by e-commerce websites online where the image background is changed to white. The reason behind the changing of background to white background is that images look neat. Moreover, marketplaces require products to have a white background for better looking.

  • Clipping Path
  • Image Masking
  • Remove Background of Image
  • Remove BG
  • Cut Out Photo
Product Photo Editing Sunglasses BeforeProduct Photo Editing Sunglasses After

Creases Removal Services

Creases removal service is a process of removing the folds of a product using a photo editing software. Having the right set of skills enables you to carefully improve your product image by removing folds, creases or spots. This procedure is done after the photo shoot of a product image where it undergoes mild to extreme retouching. A simple creases removal can make a difference of your image because it adds attraction to the buyer.

  • Wrinkle Removal
  • Retouch Creases
  • Apparel Wrinkle Removal
  • Product Creases Remover
  • Remove Creases in Shirt and Dress
Photo Retouching Girl Kids BeforePhoto Retouching Girl Kids After

Ghost Mannequin

Ghost mannequin service is a process of removing the mannequin; it requires retouching inside of the dress in order to make it hollow inside. This is always used by most apparel companies whenever they want to let their customers see the inside of the product when worn. It is a retouching procedure where you will have to take a photo of the inside as well and manipulate the image.

  • Mannequin Clothing
  • Photoshop Invisible Mannequin
  • Neck Joint
  • Clip Product Online
  • Photoshop Ghost Mannequin Effect
Ghost Mannequin Service AfterGhost Mannequin Service Before

Color Correction of Product Images

Images often come out bare after the photo shoot by a product photographer. The colors can be far off the exact color of your product. Our product color correction service is a process of maintaining the right colors of your image because clients don’t want to be deceived when they receive the actual products. If you want to improve your product color naturally, photo editing company can help you achieve the exact colors.

  • Adjust Color of Product
  • Color Enhancement
  • Vibrancy Improvement
  • Photoshop Color Correction
  • Improve Color Image
Photo Editing Shoes BeforePhoto Editing Shoes After

Tips in Product Photo Editing

High Resolution

A high resolution image is required in every photo that is taken ranging from 200 DPI to 300 DPI or more. Having a high resolution enables you to have more clarity in an image that your customers want.

Cropped Properly

Cropping your product images properly makes your product look better because of the proportions on the sides. The key feature of cropping is to have the right margin of the product both up and down, left and right.


A sharp image makes your product more enticing to your buyers allowing them to see the details. One of the most important aspect in processing images is to sharpen the details.

Photo Editing Tools

Import Image

Open the image in Photoshop by importing the image using the import tool. You can open different kinds of image such as JPEG, PNG, PSD, TIFF and CR2.

Pen Tool

Press (P) to select pen tool, this tool can create an outline of your image wherein you can trace the product image. By activating the mask or path of the  image you can select either the product or background. Once you have activated the product you can change the background of the image.

Clone Stamp

The clone stamp tool is widely used in Photoshop in order to clone the good area of an product and replace it the damaged one. This tool is used in retouching blemishes, flaws or areas that need to improve an image.

How to Edit Products in Photoshop

1. Analyze the Image

First, you need to assess the image on the quality such as looking at the resolution, height and width. After that, look at the blemishes, flaws or things that you need to clean up the image.

2. Remove the Background of Image

By removing the background of the image and change it to your desired background we are able to replace the original background. Using a Pen Tool we can totally remove the image background and apply the necessary design of the photo.

3. Retouch the Blemishes

Using the right tools we can erase any blemishes, dirt and flaws of your product. Retouching can be daunting task but with the right set of skills we can retouch any product image. We provide different kinds of retouching services from easy to extreme retouching.

4. Color Correction

After the photo-shoot an image comes out raw or bare in color. Color correcting is the process of improving the vibrancy of the image by adjusting the right colors, hue and saturation. This can ultimately change the way your image looks like when color corrected.

5. Finalization

The finalization process involves re-sizing, cropping, adjusting, and retouching. Moreover, quality checking is involved in this procedure. We can save the image depending on the format that you require.

Product Guidelines

  • The image must be in high resolution as possible.
  • A resolution of 200 – 300 DPI to get the best quality.
  • It is important to have a focused image.
  • The image must not contain a watermark.
  • Backgrounds must be pure white – (RGB 255,255,255).
  • The image must not contain additional text, graphics, or inset images.
  • Pornographic and offensive materials are not allowed.

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What types of product photo editing do you do?

Our product photo editing service includes background removal service of apparel, shoes, jewelry and many more. We can retouch your products by removing blemishes and creases. Color correcting product images is included in our service to make it look better online.

How much is your product photo editing?

Prices starts from $. 80 cents upward depending on the required editing of your image. The more images you send the lesser the price. You can send us some raw images to try out our services.

What is the Turn Around Time?

Normally we send product photo editing within 24 hours depending on the number of photos. For volume of images more than 1,000 photos normally 2-3 days.

What products do you edit?

We edit a lot of products online from womens dress, shoes, bags, shades, mens accessories and many more. Our wide range of services in product photo editing covers background removal of images, color correction, manipulation and retouching.


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