Digital Photo Editing

Digital Photo Editing

Ever wonder why images look better online?. Digital photo editing is an important service where photographs undergo photo manipulation. It does not only require passion, expertise, and skills in capturing the best moments at the right angle. It also entails superb editing skill and dedication to excel in the industry. It involves establishing your brand and making it popular gain a high influx of clients, rehires, and grow in the business.

Built for E-Commerce

After importing raw image into the computer it is processed using Photo Editing Software. We begin the process of editing, retouching and restoring the digital photos. Clients provide different instructions for every image from easy to hard editing styles. We can custom made the editing style that you require and make them exactly the same output that you intend.

A Guide in Editing Digitally

  1. List down all necessary things to be edited before starting a project.
  2. Dimensions and resolution is important in ever project.
  3. Once you have made the right cropping, you can begin by retouching parts of an image.
  4. After doing a minimal retouching you can retouch larger blemishes.
  5. As soon as you finish retouching, color correction is important.

Tools in Adobe Photoshop

Brightness and Contrast

Brightness and Contrast makes your images look brighter and crispier allowing more clarity to your image.


Vibrance and Saturation enhances the color of your image making it presentable in your e-commerce website.


One of the most accurate way of adjusting midtones, highlights and shadows is Levels.


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What is digital photo editing?

Digital photo editing is a process wherein the image is restored or repair back to its desired form

How much does digital photo editing cost?

Digital image editing can cost you as low as $ .45 cents depending on the difficulty of an image.

Do you digitally repair or restore photographs?

Our job is to repair, restore and enhance any image in the market in order to make it useful and presentable to clients online.