Fix Damage Photos

Fix Damage Photos

Images often needs a photo fix to your damaged photographs. We can fix, repair and restore them back to their original form. Images come out difficult to restore but with the latest technology anything is possible. We can fix any type of images from real estate, weddings, products, studios and portrait. Our main expertise is retouching photographs which is very important in an editing process.

In real estate we can fix single exposure images and multiple exposure photos. We can fix distortions, sky problems and even lawn problems. you can view our real estate page for more samples. Weddings are important and fixing an image gives you satisfaction when that precious moment is restored. View more samples in our wedding photo editing.

Tools used in Fixing Photos

Hue and Saturation

Hue and Saturation is a great tool in fixing colors of the image, primarily to correct the color of the image.


Curves is used in brightening specifically areas of the image in order to get the best white balance as possible.


Product Photo Editing Dress Two


baby photography


Product Photo Editing Jewelry Two


Product Photo Editing Bags Four