Real Estate Photo Editing

Real Estate Photo Editing

Property photos sell better online when real estate photo editing is applied. Residential and commercial properties involve houses, buildings and vacant lots. There are 2 types of images when taking a real estate image, single exposure and multiple exposure.

A single exposure is a single photo taken and most of the areas of the image are evenly lit. Multiple exposure however is composed of multiple shots that have different lighting in every image. An image is usually processed using a photo editing software and a highly skilled editor.

Real estate photo editing involves a lot of skills needed in order to achieve the best real estate photo. One of many services we offer is sky replacement, this involves replacing the sky of your property. Another one is lawn enhancement making your lawn more lively. Apart from that we provide lens correction, brightness and contrast adjustments.

Real Estate Photo Editor

Images in real estate can be difficult to edit and requires special skills to get things right. Photo retouching helps a lot in improving your property photo. Our company can help you speed up the process in editing your property photos. Sign Up today and worry no more in editing your real estate images.

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Real Estate Photo Editing