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Skin Smoothing is a popular tool used to enhance skin tone or remove spots. It will help to provide beautiful subject skin, remove spots, pimples. Tools like Photoshop are dedicated to Spot Healing brush, which can cure such issues creating beautiful skin. The Spot Healing brush uses to clean the surface, and later skin smoothing is implemented.

However, you do not need to spend hours in Photoshop removing every imperfection with either clone or healing tool. High Pass method is a way to cut corners. The subject gets a silky smooth skin while retaining some of the texture and details. The final result will not look plastic, and smoothness will be realistic to the eyes. Skin retouching creates the professional output, which can elevate the image quality and embellishes the skin and its appearance. Portraits get silky skin effect with the help of Skin smoothing — time to forget about bad surfaces and patches.

Using Skin Smoothing

Setting the High pass level to 9x px produces the optimum result. It is applicable for sharpening, but when invested, it turns into skin smoothing. After applying for the High Pass layer, do not forget to invert the colors. You can choose to add a Layer Mask icon from the bottom of the layer panel. It will enable us to use a full layer Mask, which will hide the softening. Creating a layer over the skin-softening can produce the desired result. All you have to do is use the Brush Tool. Choose a soft-edged brush tip and select white color. Once you paint it over the skin, it will reveal the High Pass layer. It is a useful trick to show natural skin smoothing. Say goodbye to artificial-looking skin effects. High Pass can apply skin smoothing like a natural skin tone. It is the best corner cut method you can use.