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Top 8 Designers of Wedding Gown Around the World

For every girl, the most unforgettable and memorable day is her wedding, isn’t it? And that’s the day she looks much more beautiful in her amazing attire, accessories, and lots more. What if, for a wedding event, a girl chooses “Wedding Gown” as her dress which is more modern and trending in today’s world. Here, we will look into the top 8 designers of wedding gowns who work in depth in making the Bride look much more comfortable in the Wedding gown and lots more.

Here’s the 8 Designers of Wedding Gowns 


If Brides over there are looking for something feminine that is with quite a work of simple art and common thread use, then I will suggest you “Ziad Nakad”, couture designer from Lebanon. The dress would be in the form of Butterflies, flowers, and with Elegant outline with Fabrics and embroidery work. He designs wedding collections mostly in forms of Full ball Gown skirts. And if you are looking for something fantabulous for the wedding, you can go with this designer.


So, wondering who is BHLDN?. Yeah, they are the Sister’s brand of Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters. Pronounced as “Beholden”. Beholden entered the designer world by 2011 and initially, they did offer some classic, enlightened wedding gowns but Brides got attracted to them. Let’s find out what it is, it’s nothing but their work of Lace patterns and perfectly they did work on Ads which made more people coming to them. In the Ad campaigns, they did show some outstanding brides with their wonderful wedding gowns designed by them and they did reach heights. And I would suggest if Brides wanted to feel an “AWW” moment, then go with BHLDN.


She is the person who is self-acknowledged and can say the one who dreams of dresses all time. This wonderful person is from New York and her stunning collection was published in Newyork Fashion for the past 10 years.

If you want to add more Glamour on your wedding, then you can go with her, where she has already worked with some Hollywood Glamourous women and she has been featured in Newyork times and much more. I can suggest this is a valuable and beautiful choice for Brides.


Are you someone looking for High-fashion clothing?, then go with Marchesa, meant for Couture bridal. The teamwork of Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig speaks a lot in their Wedding gown and is meant as a House of Fashion. Marchesa wedding gowns are elegant and Extremely delicate and light to wear.


What if the beautiful day of a Bride is showcased as Best-dressed, sensual, and doesn’t seem to be interesting? Yes “BERTA” provides that look where brides can exhibit and feel much Popular on that special event. These wedding gowns are High end of fashion, attractive, quite soft and more sensual.

However, likewise, the Price of the Dress seems to be light-heavy too. But if it adds more value to the wedding, I don’t think the price seems to be a point to be noted.


The person behind this “Rue de Seine” is “Michelle Corty”, from Newzealand. Nowadays, Brides go with the current trends and would like to go ahead with it, so she is the person who follows the current fashion trends and designs such as high-fashioned wedding gowns. And also, she follows “Ready to wear” and that’s the way she looks so unique and her designs are also unbelievable.


Beautiful brides out there, if you are looking for some astounding, trendy, and which fulfills your wedding dress dreams, then I would suggest the best choice is “Hayley Paige”. Although, if you can afford a high price tag too, then this is a wonderful choice for your event. But, there are pre-owned wedding dresses which don’t come with a Higher price, so you can be an Outstanding, amazing woman at your wedding!!


Such an interesting name right? Yes, they are the one who knows what a woman needs in her wedding and as per that they would be able to look her more lovely, beautiful and lots more. If you are a Bride not looking for normal stuff and want to explore some wonderful collections, then she is the one who designs based on all Love stories, fairytale, and much more.

So, have seen the 8 beautiful designers who will add beauty to your event and what else is required. Yes, finally, the Brides if your wedding date is finalized and you have decided to go with Wedding gowns search online for the above designers. What’s next? Decide if you wanted to go for something trendy or pre-owned or fine finish lace patterns and look more unique and beautiful.

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