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Background Removal Service

The Importance of Background Removal Service

For other types of photography, backgrounds can enhance and help highlight a subject. It adds beauty, a pop of color, and even a personality. The background creates an impact that entices every target viewer’s attention. But for the product, real estate, and news photography, less will always be more. And for this reason, background removal services exist, especially in the eCommerce market.

Defining Background Removal Services

Background removal services provide removing insignificant background elements of a photo, resulting in an effective and focused image. Some of these services include:

  • Background Manipulation
  • Clipping Path
  • Image Masking

Background removal can be done by professionals. You can hire a freelancer or an in-house photo editor who can remove the background of your product photos. You can also do it yourself using photo manipulation software.

A photograph’s subject may be of high quality, but some backgrounds can be distracting to the target audience. Whether a photo intentionally has a background when it was taken, businesses can enlist the help of background removal services. This is to ensure that their photos have backdrops that are free of clutter, non-brand colors, and any other irrelevant elements.

Background removal service providers play an important role in certain industries, such as eCommerce, real estate, fashion, and media. Having backgrounds, despite their advantages, can be a disadvantageous element in some cases.

Sure, backgrounds can add a potentially positive factor to a photo; however, they can be distracting and can potentially distract the viewer’s eyes from the main subject. This is especially true if the backdrop has poor quality or bears unnecessary elements.

Areas That Benefits from Background Removal Services

Certain industries can greatly benefit from background removal services. These include:

  • eCommerce Owners
  • Real Estate Agents or Property Owners
  • Fashion Photographers
  • Print Media (newspapers, magazines, tabloids, pamphlets, etc.)

Importance of Background Removal Services

The market is continuously emerging with trends that demand businesses to innovate. Nowadays, more industries are seeing the importance of removing backgrounds in their photos, especially that eCommerce and other related industries keep on evolving at a constant pace.

If you’re still new to background removal services, here’s a brief list as to why you should consider availing yourself of these services. And if you’re still not convinced to enlist such services, read on to know how background removal services can make a 180-degree turn on your website or eCommerce photo.

1. Increases Image Usability

Photo sessions can get too pricey and having another photo shoot to take the same subject with clear background is just a waste of resources. If you simply avail of background removal services, you can increase an existing photo’s usability since you can now use and reuse it for your marketing campaigns.

2. Improves Focal Point

An image with a background can potentially stray the target viewer’s attention from the main subject. With the help of background removal services, you can easily redirect the focus toward the highlight of an image. The audience will direct their eyes right away to the subject without getting sidestepped by any elements in the background.

3. Removes Irrelevant Background Elements

For instance, you’re shooting a new clothing line and in the photo, you included accessories that you initially thought would enhance the photo’s aesthetics. Don’t you think viewers would question if the clothing line includes accessories? If not, then delete such irrelevant elements and be direct in relaying your photo’s main message. Remember, the goal is to sell your new clothing product — not the accessories.

4. Reduces Load Speed

If you’ve uploaded tons of media files on your website, chances are, the load speed would be slower. But if you upload photos with no backgrounds, it can potentially speed up the loading process of your website. It will encourage more visitors to further browse your site without being discouraged by its load speed.

5. Makes the Product Presentation Effective

Nothing beats a product photo that only has a neutral and simple backdrop, especially if it will redirect all the viewer’s attention toward the subject’s details. For example, you’re about to release a second version of wireless earbuds. If you take a photo of it with a cluttered background, how will your target audience pinpoint the changes you did for the latest version?

6. Enables Overall Photo Impact

Sure, having a nice and creative backdrop may contribute a wow factor in an image. But if your main goal is to create an impact that’s enough for people to buy your product, get to the point and remove the background of your product photos. Once you do, you can effectively address the needs of your target customers right away.

7. Converts Leads

Do you know that 38% of shoppers prefer to look at product images that have a plain background? Once you decide to do away with a background in your product photos, your chances of converting leads and getting the right customers will potentially increase. Presenting a background-free product image to your target audience will help keep your target customers interested in whatever you’re trying to sell to them.

8. Enhances Image Property

If you want to get on the first page of Google’s search results, then maybe you should rethink about retaining that messy background photo of your product photos. Background removal enables your photographs to become SEO-friendly. If your target customers search for any product on Google, your background-free photos will appear and land on the first page of the search engine.

So, what are you waiting for? Start availing of background removal services for your eCommerce images now. Outsource to the nearest firm in your area or connect with our professional team — Photo Editing Company. We offer affordable, high-quality services with a faster turnaround time. Just tell us your needs and we’ll do the magic!

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