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Top 10 Ways To Optimize Your Google Shopping Images

Are you looking to optimize your product images for google so that it gets visible in the search result? Well, you’re on the right platform to know. Optimizing your product image will help your product easily to search engine users and as a result you’ll get more sales. Google is the most commonly used platform by users so we will be discussing optimizing product images with respect to google platform. 

Let us take you to the 7 steps to optimize product images and get your product listed in google shopping.

10 Ways to Optimize Your Brand Product on Google

Optimize Your Product Images

Why should I optimize my images? Always think of your customer’s point of view. Your product images are a form of visuals and these visual attractions play a vital role in catching the attention of your customers. Google is shopping is quite similar to the eCommerce platform but here Google combines merchants’ product feeds into category pages for comparison in terms of price and product. This comparison helps customers in easy shopping and thus brings the importance of product image.

To beat your competitors at this, Just follow what Google says i.e.

  • To enhance the beauty of your product always use a solid white, gray, or light-colored background.
  • Make sure proper lighting is there while clicking the product image.
  • Always show what you’re selling i.e you need to focus only on your product.
  • Don’t over-focus your product and make sure image fill is between 75% – 90% of the full image.
  • Always use a clear image i.e make sure image is free from any blurriness or noise

Signup For Google Merchant Account

Google merchant account free to open and easy to manage. With the help of this, you can upload product data and run multiple campaigns in order to get more sales for your business. 

Adding to it, Google’s location-based technology helps in driving more shoppers to your store and fetch you more revenue.

Optimize Your Google Data Feed

What is meant by Google Data? Well, Google data are the attributes regarding your product i.e product ID, title, description, price, and many more.

Whenever you upload your product to your google merchant account then you need to fill basic attributes so that its easier to locate and identify products. With clear and concise information, it becomes much easier for customers to purchase a product. Here the benefit is that hassle-free purchase makes a customer loyal to that particular brand.

Add Your Data Feed

You can easily add data by directly going to the “products” section and clicking on “Feeds”. By hitting the “+” button, you can easily add your data with all the basic information, name, and set up feed within a few clicks. 

This data feed makes it easy for the merchant to organize the content so that it can be accessed easily without any confusion. You can easily change and edit data through google sheets.

Always add those products which are available at your store because Google will push customers to your web portal.

Understand Shopping Campaign

Ads are one of the best ways to reach your audience by paying a certain amount for running ads. By engaging in an ad auction, you create ads by biding minimum and maximum amount and as customers click your ad, you’re charged for that.

The google merchant center is the master of google ads. With the merchant center, It’s much easier to create a shopping campaign for your business.

Create a Shopping Campaign

As you’re now ready with your product, merchant account, and a data feed, you can now easily run your shopping campaign. By this, it means that, you need to identify your target audience and budget for running ads.

In order to set up an ad campaign, just go to “Shopping campaigns,” select the “Campaigns” tab, and then press the blue circular “+” button.

Streamline Your Workflow and Stay Up to Date

Always remember its not about just adding product to list rather its about how up to date you keep your product listing. The latest and trending products have better chances of selling in the market.

Keep experimenting and updating the product shelf so that it makes it easier for you to understand customer’s behavior. Regular updates in products bring better sales and revenue to your business.

Products with multiple images to view are mostly liked by customers. With the help of a carousel, it helps the customer in making purchase decisions. Google allows users to add up to 10 images so that close up images can be added and make product ideas clear to customers.

Always Use High-Resolution Images

Images with high quality are more engaging with the audience. It’s your product’s visual quality that conveys your product meaning to your customers. Better the quality, better impression it will create. A poor quality image may not engage with your audience and may even steer your users away from the platform. For best recommendations, Google focuses merchants to upload images with at least 800 x 800 pixels.

Get Your Image Size Set Perfect

Choosing the right product size is very much important for promoting your product images on google. Always focus to pay attention to your images and there are some set image standards set by Google are –

  • Non-apparel images must be having at least 100 x 100 pixels
  • Apparel image must be having at least 250 x 250 pixels
  • No image should be larger than 64 megapixel
  • The image file should not be larger than 16 MB


Knowing more about your product is much needed because if you know all the latest information and attributes clear about your product then it will be easier to communicate with your customers. Good product images and attributes with an effective shopping campaign multiply your product sales in no time.

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