VFX Rotoscoping Services for Hollywood Films

VFX Rotoscoping Services for Hollywood Stuntmen and Celebrities.
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VFX Rotoscoping is a technique used in movie animation. This is to trace over frame by live frame action. It mainly implies taking an image of a background and replacing it in another new background. It is extracting a moving image from a video replace the background completely or partially with special effects. Most of these a green screen or blue screen background.

Rotoscoping can be explained as a method of creating a matte for an element on a live-action plate to be combined with another background. The term roto also known as “Roto” is currently being used as a tool for special effects in live action movies.

We are the leading vfx provider in this industry of video rotoscoping through the years. Using these techniques our editors trace every frame of an image which has 30 images every 1 second. Our services includes dust busting, vfx pain, rig removal, cleanup, chroma keeying and compositing.

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Moreover, a well done rotoscoping is made by carefully tracing an image using pen tool. Highly skilled graphic designers need to be precise in removing anything that the customer needs. A good example is a client who wants to remove the line used by stuntmen. Celebrities may also need to undergo rotoscoping because often times they are the one who are doing the actual stunt.

Furthermore, our team is highly skilled visual artist that produce powerful animations. We believe in customer satisfaction and do your best to meet our goals within a specified time frame.

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