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Wedding Photo Retouching

Wedding photo retouching is a process of making your wedding photos perfect to your own style by color correcting and enhancing the image. A wedding is an event where photographs are the only memories you will have on your lovely day. Every photo needs retouching to enhance the wedding photographs. It involves a highly critical digital photo editing technique to polish and retouch wedding photos. Retouching is all it takes to transform an already stunning wedding album into an absolute masterpiece. Portraits of the bride and groom often become centerpieces in newlyweds’ at home.

Photo Retouching Wedding Photographs

Wedding photography is a procedure of capturing a special even such as wedding to save those memories of the couple. Becoming a wedding photographer is no easy task because it requires preparation and execution. One must consider the task ahead and the responsibility of this special event. Taking wedding photos of the bride and groom can be very challenging but rewarding in the end. Discover how wedding photographers Prepare their equipment and how they process your wedding images.

Outsource your Wedding Photo Retouching

A wedding photo retouching is a serious task that needs attention to detail. Most of the wedding photographs captured come out raw file after the photographer transfers the files. It is called a wedding post production where the brightness and contrast is adjusted to its correct levels. Moreover, photographers have there sense of style or preset where we adjust specific colors.

Professional wedding photographers often times require extra help especially when there is too many bookings and very little time to edit those images. Outsourcing can either be good or bad depending on the company that you are partnering with. Finding the right company for you can take time however when the company is able to provide both delivery and quality then you have found the right company to work with.

Photography Gear during Wedding Ceremonies

1. Camera Lens

Camera lens is the key towards having the best shots during a wedding photography, this is the eye of the camera. A medium, telephoto and wide angle lens is required during a wedding event to capture different angles of the subject.

2. Medium Zoom Lens

Medium zoom lens are essential during weddings because you normally capture portrait or whole body. In an even like this medium lenses are often used due to the proximity of the subject which is near.

3. Telephoto Lens

A telephoto lens is used to capture photos that are long range especially during the church ceremony where photographers are not allowed near the altar. Capturing those precious moments far away needs to be focused and clear enough to view later on. It is highly recommended to bring a telephoto lens during weddings.

4. Wide Angle Lens

Wide angle lens are used when taking a group shot especially after the wedding ceremony when the sponsors and visitors are called to stand up front the altar. To capture everyone a wide angle lens is needed to capture as many as 20 – 50 people.

5. Prime Lens

Prime lens are special lenses that has fix focal length (different from a zoom lens), It has maximum aperture.

6. Speedlights

Speedlights are important camera gear that you will bring in during a wedding event because this will not only give you focus but will give you the metering of the scene.

7. Tripod

Tripod is important for stability in taking photographs because a blurred image is not acceptable in this very important event. A tripod

8. Memory Cards

Photographs require reliable memory cards in order to save the precious memories of the bride and groom. Ceremonies such as weddings are very important and those memories are saved in these little memory cards.

9. Battery

Battery is extremely important in order to backup the life of a camera. Having a spare battery saves you moments that are important because this gives energy to your camera.

10. Lighting

Lighting is crucial in every wedding event because often times light is not available in tight spaces. It is important to bring extra lighting equipment in case there is no sufficient light available.


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How to Adjust Brightness of Wedding Photo?

Adjusting wedding photograph is by moving your brightness to the right making the image more brighter by adding +20 or +30 to your image. You can also adjust the contrast of your image.

Sky Replacement of Wedding Photo

It’s possible to change the sky of your wedding day by removing the sky and adding a more vibrant looking image. Wedding days are crucial events especially when weather does not permit however by retouching you can choose whatever sky you want.


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