About Us

Photo Editing Company “World’s # 1 leader in photo editing” is providing online photo editor services to clients worldwide. Our company headquarters is located in Cebu, Philippines known as the “Queen of the South”. It is an Island famous for Whale Shark Watching in Oslob and Canyoneering in Kawasan Falls.

We are a very hyper active team who deals with time sensitive deadlines of clients around the world. Our team is highly train to do whatever it takes to make sure your business is growing by delivering high quality photo editing service and customer service.


Photo Editing Company was founded by Joepet Macariola on 2006 with a bold Vision and Dedication to grow the company. Through the years of failure, he learned the hard way and eventually rise to prove that quality service is the key to success. With only few connections to start he was able to develop close partnerships with small e-commerce websites and eventually added corporate companies to his list of clients. He knew that they key to success is the customers, he focused more in quality service and customer service. Now with over 800 plus clients around the world and counting, photo editing company delivers what it says to its customers. Discover how photo editing company can help you with your imagery and online business. Reach us today.


Photo Editing Company envisions itself to become the leader in photo editing solutions for individuals and businesses online by 2020. Achieving this monumental aspiration requires exceptional high quality service and delivery.


Our philosophy is to empower individuals by creating the right positive mindset in order to develop the values of a person in the workplace.


Our mission is to provide excellent business process outsourcing services to our customers around the world.


Our culture is to uplift our people through personal growth development in order to be more productive in their carrier.


Photo Editing Company develops high quality services that online customers can benefit. We now provide SEO Services and Web Design Development to bolster customer businesses with our mission in mind.

Our Biggest Relief Operation (Typhoon Haiyan)

Our Company Relief Operations in Tacloban City in Leyte and Samar Region.