Photo Editor

Our company offers professional photo editing service and image retouching services around the world. Our main photo edits are images like jewelry, products, weddings, real estate and studio images. We work round the clock to edit almost 180 clients from USA to Europe on a daily basis. These are either bulk image editing ranging from 1,000 to 5,000 images that needs to be processed, the largest post production facility. Our workforce is increasing on a monthly basis because the demands of retouching photos are very high.

Background Removal Photoshop

Hire a professional photo editor speeds up the process of post production of images. A simple background removal or clipping path service can be done is less done 1 hour. We can easily remove your background using a pen tool in Photoshop and correct images using Lightroom. Photographers always look to find an outsourcing partner to help post process hundreds of images.

Why Choose Us

Outsourcing your image editing increases profitability by up to 80% compared to in house cost. Outsourcing your photo edits give you $ 500 – $ 1,000 in savings or more.  It can be challenging to find the best photo editing company however once you find one, it will be easier. There are hundreds of photo editing company online and we are one of many but what sets us apart is the price. We offer the cheapest photo retouch in the industry. We are very determined to achieve our clients needs and we are ready to finish the job on time. Our company serves as your back end office on everything that you need finishing the job.

Photographers Choice

Photographers ChoiceProfessional photographers are creative artists that expresses their photographs as an art. Taking a photo can be as simple as a one-click of a button but for photographers it requires timing.
It is that one click  that captures the emotion at the perfect moment. A moment that can last a lifetime or past on to generations.

An image can deteriorate through time however with Photoshop anything is possible. Restoring portions of an image is easily done using different patching and cloning tools. Preservation is the key to keep your images for a long period of time.

Images come out always as raw image which is dull and out of balance. The key to improving or correcting an image is what we call “post production” a process of adjusting the right levels of color, brightness and even size of the photograph.

“Having your images post processed can ultimately save you time and money in finishing a project” – Mark

Amazon Product Photo Expert

AmazonGet your images edited by professional by amazon editors in 1 hour. We deliver high quality edit for your amazon products online. Hire an amazon photo editor to follow Amazon Guidelines where you pass their specifications. is the biggest markeplace online where you can sell your products from around the world. Discover how we edit your amazon products. Read More

Matterport Photo Editor

Hire a Matterport professional photo editor for your 3D Scans and color correction. Real estate photo editing has never been this fun with the 360 matterport scans. You can easily have your images done is less than 24 hours using our service. Fast, reliable and easy to work with teams that you can rely on delivering you on time to your customers.

Matterport photo editor lightroom

Wedding Presets Lightroom

Get 4 Kinds of images with different preset for only $ .25 cents. Photographers highly recommend this to give your customers options. This package is suitable for your wedding packages. You can choose up to 99 presets from our selection page.

Wedding Photo Editing 4 Preset

Jewelry Ring Before ImageImageJewelry Ring After Image
Real Estate BeforeReal Estate After
bag product photo editing whitebag product photo editing transparent

Jewelry Retouching

Make your rings sparkle on your wedding day and highlight the most precious gold and silver of your products. We are known for retouching jewelries and other luxury products online. Our expertise in enhancing jewellery products is 10 of 10 especially removing small details. Apart from retouching we can enhance the colors of your jewelry making them shine.

  • Remove unnecessary spots in the rings.
  • Improve jewelry brightness and contrast
  • Remove background necklaces
  • Fix cracks on stones and gems

Real Estate Photographers

Having problems with editing your property images and delivering to your customers on time?. Say Hello to “Real Estate Editors” of Photo Editing Company. We have a diverse team of specialist who can manipulate your interior and exterior shots. Our team can merge single exposure or multiple exposure of your image. More services we offer below.

  • Sky Replacement
  • Lawn Enhancement
  • Day to Dusk Conversion

Background Removal

Knocking out a background of an image is very easy especially when using the right tools. Clipping or “clipping path” is one of the most ways in removing a background of an image. It uses a pen tool in order to get rid of the background. Having your products edited is one way of making progress in selling your items. Discover the benefits of product photo editing using this powerful photo editor service online.

  • Clipping Path
  • Background Removal
  • How to use pen tool to make background transparent


Turn Around Time – We have very flexible turn around times for customers. We can either send you images in 2-4 hours or within 24 hours depending on your needs.

Trustworthiness – Clients have no problem with securing their images with us. We make sure that client images are no distributed, sold and posted online. Our people are well trained in business ethics and therefore you don’t have to worry about your images.

Competitiveness – Our pricing structure is always competitive in a way quality is not compromised. We are always here to negotiate the best price for your images.

How to get Started – Upload your images to WeTransfer or Dropbox and share it our email info at photoeditingcompany dot com.

Partner with Us

You can become our photo editing partner by outsourcing your images to us. Our 10 year experience in the industry has gathered us big clientele in the United States of America and as well as in Europe. To become our partner you may speak with our CEO Joepet Macariola to know more.