Photo Editing Service

Professional photo editing service and photo retouching services for photographers online. High quality photo editing at a low price. We provide real estate photo editing, jewelry photo editing, eCommerce products, wedding post production and edit studio photoshoot. Outsourcing your images to our photo editors will speed up the process in post production. We offer pay as you go service and get your images according to your turn around time. Get a quote from us and discount for bulk editing needs.

Here are the list of photo retouching services we provide to our clients. Editing of real estate properties of companies, retouching portrait images in studios and e-commerce product photo editing. Trusted by thousands of photographers, jewelers, manufacturers and modeling agencies. We provide a 12 hour to 24 hour turn-around time delivery of your edited images.

Outsource your Photo Editing Service to Philippines

Retouching images is our passion for more than 10 years in the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry in the Philippines. Our wide range of expertise in Photoshop images and post production in Lightroom has exponentially increased over the years. Developing new innovations in automating picture editing of client images resulting to faster deliveries and higher quality images. By providing low-cost high end image editing services we are able to expand over 80 countries around the world.

Photo Editing Company

Photo Retouching for Photographers

We provide photo retouching services for photographers and businesses online. Our highly skilled graphic artist are able to execute different types of retouching process from easy to hard jobs. Mainly we edit jewelry images, product e-commerce, real estate properties and weddings. We can work with different resolutions from 72, 200, 300 or even 1,000 DPI range. Converting your images from raw CR2, DNG to JPEG, PSD formats are easily done. The list goes on when it comes to retouching your images, above all we have a strict quality control in retouching your images.

Our company was founded on December 21, 2009 with the goal of providing high quality and fast photo editing service. Over the years we have partnered with large and small scale eCommerce online. Our continued partnership open more doors to professional photographers and individuals. In a span of 12 years we have gained a reputation of great customer service towards our customers.

Here at photo editing company, we can work as your back office company providing photo editing service for your clients without even them knowing. Our system enables you to transfer and track images easily from your client to us. We work with hundreds of photo editing companies around the world providing high quality photo retouching services.


Jewelry Photo Editing


Product Photo Retouching Service

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Partnering with us gives you an advantage in speeding up the process of retouching. We provide dedicated editors to your company by hiring in-house employees to work for you. Moreover, we offer our services to other Photo Editing Companies, IT, Photographers, Corporations, Manufactures and Small Business Owners. Get to know more on how you can take advantage of this great opportunity. Simply go to our Partnership Page.

What services do you offer in photo editing?.

We provide services such as clipping path, background removal, photoshop retouching and color correction. The advantage of hiring a professional photo editor eliminates the downtime in waiting for your image to be finished. Having a company that takes care of your images allows you to focus more on your business.

Types of Images that you Edit

Here are the different kinds of images we edit in house. Feel free to inquire about our services by contacting us.

  • Jewelry (Necklace, Earrings, Rings and more)
  • Real Estate Single Exposure and Multiple Exposure
  • Product Background Removal (Image Masking)
  • Photography Editing (Pack shot, Portrait, Studio and Group)
  • Wedding Post Production – Lightroom Correction

The advantage of outsourcing your photo retouching

The advantage of outsourcing your images in photo retouching are as follows. Photo editing company is available 24/7 you can rely on availability. Our prices are very competitive since we provide bulk pricing to businesses.

  • Available 24/7 and No Holidays
  • Cost Effective Pricing
  • Reliable Company to Partner with
  • Easy to Communicate
  • Can work with Tight Deadlines
  • White List Contractual Agreement

How much is Retouching a Photo?

The cost of photo retouching service ranges from $ .80 cents to $ 5 depending on the difficulty of the image. The complexity of an image is base on the amount of time spent that can go from 1 minute to 1 hour editing. To better understand how much is the exact price you can send a sample image for our team to check the difficulty. Furthermore, turn around time of editing images can be as fast as 30 minutes depending on the volume.

Apply as a Photo Editor Jobs?

Are you looking for a photo editor job online that you can apply. Do you want to be part of our growing team that provides the best system and support towards growth. We are always looking for highly talented individuals to join our team. Please click here to apply.


Reviews of our satisfied customers who are using our photo retouching services. These customers have been with us for almost 2 – 5 years and continuously using our services online.


Getting Started

Start by Uploading your Images

To get started with our service, you need to upload a high resolution image greater than 150 to 300 resolution or simply send us your image via our upload page. You can send an image from your Phone or DSLR camera.

Add your Instructions

Second, write down your instructions on the kind of editing or retouching style you want. There are 2 kinds of editing we provide, natural and manipulated. Also include the final output size such as the width, height and format such as JPG, PSD or PNG. We can save different file types.

Photo Editing Process

Once we have received your images we will immediately edit and send you right away your picture. Our photo editor will be able to execute the task given the instructions you have provided. This will take roughly within 12 to 24 hours of editing and we will send you back your images.

Refinement & Pricing

Downloading your image is easy because we can send it to you via dropbox, wetransfer or google drive. Allow our team to refine your image as to your style and quality. This stage is the refinement period where we adjust the right settings of your image further to perfectly get the 100% quality you are looking for.

Start Editing your Project

All set, we can now start editing your images on a daily, weekly or monthly. Our service is a pay as you go and no hidden charges. Contact us directly to get started.