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Welcome to Photo Editing Company your reliable online photo editor. We offer professional photo editing services and photo retouching services online. Our business process outsourcing company provides high quality clipping path services, photo restoration and image manipulation. We have edited millions of images in amazon, ebay, lazada, alibaba, matterport 3D.

Professional Photo Editors

Real human photo editors are better than online photo editing software because humans have instinct in determining problems in every image. We cater custom made editing for specific clients online. The types of images we edit are damage photos, online products, wedding photographs, jewelry for sale, real estate properties, portrait images and more. We are a company with strong culture towards customer service. Our highly skilled graphic artist in the Philippines are very passionate in in providing the best photo edit experience and we serve as a back end office agency for your company 24/7.

  • Clipping Path
  • Image Masking
  • Background Removal
  • Crop and Resize Image
  • Extreme Retouching
  • Photo Restoration
  • Airbrushing Service
  • Effects
  • Frames
  • Photographers Photo Editing
  • Repair damaged photo
  • Post Production Service
  • Product Photo Editing
  • Amazon Edit Products
  • Matterport 2D Snapshot
  • Real Esate Photo Editing
  • HDR
  • VFX Rotoscoping


Photographers ChoiceProfessional photographers are creative artists that expresses their photographs as an art. Taking a photo can be as simple as a one-click of a button but for photographers it requires timing.
It is that one click  that captures the emotion at the perfect moment. A moment that can last a lifetime or past on to generations.

An image can deteriorate through time however with Photoshop anything is possible. Restoring portions of an image is easily done using different patching and cloning tools. Preservation is the key to keep your images for a long period of time.

Images come out always as raw image which is dull and out of balance. The key to improving or correcting an image is what we call “post production” a process of adjusting the right levels of color, brightness and even size of the photograph.

“Having your images post processed can ultimately save you time and money in finishing a project” – Mark


bag product photo editing whitebag product photo editing transparent
Real Estate BeforeReal Estate After
Photo Restoration BeforePhoto Restoration After
Ring Diamond BeforeRing Diamond After
Portrait BeforePortrait After

Frequently Asked Questions

Professional Photographers Photo Editing


Turn Around Time – We have very flexible turn around times for customers. We can either send you images in 2-4 hours or within 24 hours depending on your needs.

Trustworthiness – Clients have no problem with securing their images with us. We make sure that client images are no distributed, sold and posted online. Our people are well trained in business ethics and therefore you don’t have to worry about your images.

Competitiveness – Our pricing structure is always competitive in a way quality is not compromised. We are always here to negotiate the best price for your images.

How to get Started – Upload your images to WeTransfer or Dropbox and share it our email info at photoeditingcompany dot com.


Partner with Us

You can become our photo editing partner by outsourcing your images to us. Our 10 year experience in the industry has gathered us big clientele in the United States of America and as well as in Europe. To become our partner you may speak with our CEO to know more.


Background Removal
per photo
$ .39 cents
Prices Starts at Subject for Trial Editing
Jewelry Photo Editing
Apparel Photo Editing
Amazon Photo Editing
Ebay Photo Editing
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Real Estate Photo Editing
per photo
$ .69 cents
Prices Starts at Subject for Trial Editing
Lens Correction
Color Correction
Sky Replacement
Lawn Enhancement
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Wedding Photo Editing
per photo
$ .29 cents
Prices Starts at Subject for Trial Editing
Selection of Images
Color Correction
Minimal Retouching
Brightness and Contrast
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Photo Retouching
per photo
$ .80 cents
Prices Starts at Subject for Trial Editing
Skin Retouching
Product Retouching
Real Estate Retouching
Wedding Retouching
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Business Process Outsourcing Photo Editing Company

The benefits of outsourcing your photo editing and retouching services to our company. Let’s go straight to the point, setting up an office, training people and running everything is costly. We can partner with you and provide you all necessary information in running your own photo editing service for your existing clients. To know more Contact Us.