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We offer high quality professional photo retouching services for product photos, real estate photo editing, wedding photography editing and high end studio portraits. Our services offer product photo editing, real estate photo editing, fix old photos and repair damaged images. Photo editing company is dedicated in delivering digital editing services to our clients in USA, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, UK and Switzerland. We are expanding also in other countries worldwide.

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Photo editing company is your trusted best online photo editing service provider. Our expertise in restoration, retouching, post processing and artistic retouch is 10 of 10. We can edit images from DSLR cameras and mobile devices turn them into stunning photos. Our photo editors manually touch up photos, edits and retouch your images. We use photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. Your images will be delivered within 24 to 48 hours upon completion in editing your images.

Outsourcing your images for background removal or clipping path service is the first step before applying retouching services. We will then apply photo correction services to adjust the right colors of the photo. Our team works as a back-end office where we take care of your photo while you grow your business. We only hire the best photo editor in house and work closely with clients in order to deliver 100% satisfaction. Try our services today by sending a sample photo.

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Guess California chooses Photo Editing Company for maintaining the originality of an image and making it more presentable online.

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Our Services

Clipping Path Service – We offer high quality clipping path service to our valued clients for their products and images online. Clipping path is useful in every aspect of an image. It is mainly used to remove background, select an area where you want to manipulate or retouch parts of the image.

Fix Photo – Fixing parts of the photo or the overall state of the image is edited perfectly through our professional editors. Our easy photo fix service can deliver you the images within 24 hour turn around time.

Photo Repair – Repairing images can be time consuming and requires extensive skills however our team are trained to do easy and hard image repairs of any photograph. We can repair any type of photographs from family, portrait, wedding, real estate and even e-commerce products.

Photo Restoration – Restoring old images involves retouching photos that were lost in time in the shelves or damaged through poor storage. Our service can restore your images completely back to its memorable days. We can restore the scratches, blemishes, spots, colors and even watered down parts.

Photo Retouching – Retouching images is a process where the image is restored, fix, repaired and even improve from its original state. Photo retouching is a major process where it is useful in every stage of improving an image. Our professional photo retouching service can totally help you in your photo editing needs.

Post Processing –Most photographers require post processing because images taken after the shoot is in a RAW format. Post processing or post production are the key towards making the images alive and vibrant in color. Our team can post process wedding, real estate, product and different kinds of photos.