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Photo Editing Company, the largest service provider for photo editing service and the photo retouching services online. Our virtual assistants can increase your company revenue by providing high quality images. The key towards a successful company is to have a reliable photo editing service provider that you can trust.

The services we cater to our clients are image masking, background removal, clipping path service and wedding post-production. We use the best photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. Our photo retoucher skills can definitely provide you better looking images because of their experience in retouching various projects of clients from around the world.

We edit pictures such as e-commerce websites, jewelry stores, amazon, ebay, studio photos and real estate. Our delivery in photo editing is the fastest in the industry with only 12 to 24 hours or even 1 hour Rush. You can upload your images directly to our website.

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Why Outsourcing to the Philippines?

Many photographers, modeling agency, photography studios, art directors, manufacturing companies and corporations outsource their photo editing to us. Discover why Philippines is one of the best destination for outsourcing any task that you need online. Firstly, Filipino’s are known to be hard working and secondly our first language is “smile”.

Outsourcing your online task enables you to have an extra hand while you sleep. Our seamless system enables you to monitor, track, conduct meetings with our virtual assistants to your company.

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Here are few of many satisfied customers who are using our photo retouching services. These customers have been with us for almost 2 – 5 years and continuously using our services online. You can read many customer reviews here in


Photo Editing Service for Photographers

One of the things we have in store in our company is that we provide dedicated photo editors for every client to make the editing quality consistent. If you are a photographer who is very meticulous in your editing style then our company is the right place for you. No matter what industry you are into we have an virtual assistant graphic artist editors that can match your digital editing needs.

We have a dedicated graphic artist that manually edits your images and process them using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. We normally deliver images within 24 to 48 hours depending on the difficulty.

Millions of images are retouch from different clients around the world making it the most trust worthy editing company online. We offer clipping path services, jewelry photo editing, background removal, real estate, matterport, wedding post production in Photoshop and Lightroom.


Photo Retouching ShirtPhoto Retouching Shirt Blue

Apparel Amazon Photo Retouching

Apparel products for men, women and children are one of the most sellable online. Photos after photography of the products come out RAW or bare when they are transferred to the computer. The products that are posted in e-commerce stores are already retouched or undergone post production. A post production is a process where images are imported into a photo editing software wherein you can adjust, align, repair, crop, fix, alter, enhance and manipulate the images.

  • T-Shirts Creases Removed
  • Proportion alignment both left and right
  • Naturally Retouched Image
  • Natural Shadows
  • Change to Different Colors T-Shirt

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Beauty Retouching Service BeforeBeauty Retouching Service After

Portrait Photography Editing

Beauty portrait retouching involves skin retouching of the face to make it silky smooth. Make your skin flawless using our airbrushing photo retouching service. Body and Skin Retouching is one of the best services we offer it enhances the overall photo.

  • Chin Shaping
  • Contrast Adjustment
  • Make Skin Smooth
  • Sexy Body Reshaping
  • Adjust Eyebrow, Nose, Eyes
  • Make Beautiful Face

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Photo Retouching Silver Diamond Ring BeforePhoto Retouching Silver Diamond Ring After

Jewelry Photo Editing Service

It is a process of retouching your jewelry using Photoshop Tools and skills that can improve the image.  The best jewelry photo editing service offers diamond enhancement, rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pearls, gemstones, white gold, yellow gold of different images in your jewelry stores.

  • Diamonds Shine
  • Wedding Ring Retouching
  • Necklace Product Background Removal
  • Retouch Sapphire Rings
  • Wedding Engagement Rings Retouching

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Real Estate Photo Retouching Sky Replacement BeforeReal Estate Photo Retouching Sky Replacement After

Real Estate Photo Editing Service

Selling your residential and commercial property online requires a few retouch. Our service provides color correction of your houses by improving the brightness of the image indoor and outdoor of your house. Our sky replacement, swimming pool improvement, lawn enhancement can change the way you sell your property online.

Service Features

  • Residential Property Photo Editing
  • Commercial Property Photo Retouching
  • House Lawn Enhancement
  • Sky Replacement for Real Estate
  • Day to Dusk Conversion
  • Floor Plan Creation
  • Drone Video Editing

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Photo Editing Service Price

The price for editing an image can vary base on complexity of the image, the amount of time spent in retouching a photo. RAW images come in different sizes, type of photo and service required. A background removal is categorized as an easy task when an image can only be edited in a few minutes while photo restoration takes hours to restore an old photo. Moreover, the need to ask for a quotation is highly recommended for exact pricing and possible discount for large number of photos edited.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are you looking for a photo editor graphic designer you can hire online?

Yes you can outsource all your images to us, it will be a pleasure to serve you. We can setup a dedicated team for you in order to meet tight deadlines of your clients. To start with, simply send us a message or contact our CEO directly.

How can i guarantee that your photo editing service is reliable?

We can talk to you about our existing big corporate clients and experiences that they have with us. Working with large companies in the USA, Europe and in Asia has always been our advantage since we know how tight deadlines and the quality required. Call us today to know more.

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