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Post Processing in Lightroom

The ultimate guide in post-processing your images using Adobe Lightroom after a photo shoot. Processing images can take time however learning each tool will enable you to expedite the process of adjusting your photos. Here is a sample original photo of

The role of a Photo Editor Job

Also known as a Photo Editor, is an expert who reviews, collects, and pick photographs or illustrations for publication in arrangement with preset guidelines.  These publications include a website, magazine, art galleries, newspapers, and corporate products. In choosing illustrations and

How to Edit Real Estate Photos

Learn how to edit real estate photos professionally using Photoshop. Discover how real estate photo editors process images using the right set of skills to get better results. Single Exposure An single image taken by a real estate photographer ready for processing.

Price vs Qaulity Photo Editing Service

How much does photo editing cost?

The cost of photo editing depends on the Image and Volume of Images you have. Here are information that will guide you through how images are quoted and priced accordingly. Clipping Path The basic editing is clipping path a process where the