Real Estate Photo Editing

Real Estate photo editing service is a process of cleaning up property photos using a photo editing software. There are the different kinds of real estate we edit: house, apartment, condominiums, hotels, commercial property and many more. Most of the properties we edit require white balance, retouching, sky replacement and color correction. In order to improve the property we will need to analyze and apply necessary edition before posting online.

We offer different services in real estate photo editing from color cast removal, item retouching, image manipulation and reflections removal. After retouching we can adjust the settings of the light and color to make it presentable online. All necessary things that needs to be improved must be edited accordingly. We highly recommend you to hire the best real estate property photographer for better results.

Professional Real Estate Photo Retouching

In real estate photography, presenting high-quality images is important to attract buyers. Remember that most people search the web to look for captivating photos of properties that fire up their interest before visiting the property or getting in touch with an agent. This is why photo editing in the field of real estate has come up. It allows you to utilize your images; to enhance colors, remove objects, improve lighting and change settings so you can achieve a perfect photo.

Day to Dusk Conversion

We can perform a day to dusk conversion by adding lights, changing sky and give it a dusk effect. Customers will now be able to view the house they want to buy during dusk time. Our real estate photo editing can truly change the way you do business online.

Day to Dusk Conversion Real Estate

White Balance Adjustment

Brokers are the bridge towards the buyer and seller. Brokerage is one of the many profitable business around the world. People from all over the world are either buying or selling properties. The key to becoming a successful broker is to have great connections, linking one client to the other. Selling properties has never been this exciting especially with technology, taking advantage of today’s technology give you a lead in marketing property online.

Real Estate Photo Editing Service

Removal of Objects

Investing in real estate property is absolutely one of the smartest decisions in your life. The reason for this is that, there are places in world where property has always been an uptrend where the demand is always increasing. Few people might know that most wealthy people invest into real estate properties, whether it is condominiums, houses, hotels, commercial space, vacant lots and more. Property value has always increased year to year and when the timing is right you get the reward later on through rent or just imply selling your property at a high value.

Real Estate Photo Retouching Service

Color Cast Removal

Taking photos of indoor spaces of your property often times create a color cast coming from the light. We can remove color cast in any image that is reflecting in your furniture and walls. This process enables you to have a balance color and naturally light in your image.

Image Blending and Stitching

Wide spaces that need multiple shots require blending or stitching to have a wide angle photo. This is possible using Adobe Photoshop and the right highly skilled photo editor. We can stich images of any outdoor or indoor image to create a panoramic view of your image.

Real Estate Object Removal BeforeReal Estate Object Removal After

Retouching Real Estate Photos

Our photo retouching is a process of removing objects, clone stamping an area of an image to make it look fully furnished. We remove wires, reflection of photographer, swimming pool clean up and major object removal in the image.

  • Grass Improvement
  • Replacing the Sky Background
  • HDR Blending

View More Samples: Examples

Lawn Replacement BeforeLawn Replacement After

Lawn Enhancement

Retouching the lawn and manipulating the grass will give you a natural looking real estate photograph. Adjusting the green colors blending it with the lighting condition makes it a perfect property photo.

  • Add Grass to Property
  • Retouching of Lawn
  • Improvement of Lawn

View More Samples: Examples

Real Estate Sky Replacement Service BeforeReal Estate Sky Replacement Service After

Change Sky Color

Replacing the sky is one way of improving your photograph during a bad weather or wrong time. The reason behind taking images on a bright blue sunny day is that your images will only need a few adjustments.

  • Change to Blue
  • Changing of Clouds
  • Improve Sky Color

View More Samples: Examples


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What is Real Estate Photo Editing?

Real Estate Photo Editing is a process of retouching photos of residential and commercial properties for online posting.

How to make HDR Photo?

Creating an HDR photo requires multiple exposure of images and merge them using an infuse software. Moreover, once the images are infused you will get a raw image and be able to process your photo using a photo editing software.

Do you edit single exposure image?

Most images we edit are single exposure real estate property photos.

Do you edit multiple exposure photograph?

Yes we merge multiple exposure photos and create one HDR image.

How to take photos of real estate property?

Here are some guide that will make it easier for you to take image of your property. The ultimate guide in real estate photography.


Single Exposure
$ .90
Subject for Approval
White Balance
Color Adjustment
Tone Adjustment
Sky Replacement
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Multiple Exposure
$ 1.8
Subject for Approval
Enfuse Image
Color Correction
White Balance
Sky Replacement
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Day to Dusk
$ 2.5
Subject for Approval
White Balance
Color Adjustment
Add Lighting
Sky Replacement
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$ .80
Subject for Approval
Wiring Removal
Object Removal
Swimming Pool Improvement
Lawn Enhancement
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