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Portrait Photo Editing

Portrait photo editing is a service  that will make you stand out from other professionals in the model and beauty industry.  If you are a photographer for a portrait and beauty industry, delivering your clients with flawless images is a must. However, if you are on a hectic schedule and don’t have time for correcting the imperfections of your images, then outsourcing your images for editing at a photo editing company is the best choice. Photo Editing Company is one of the best companies in the Philippines that provides high quality portrait photo editing and retouching services. We are highly skilled photo editors who are passionate about what we do. We can give you a good quality service with an affordable PRICE.

Our Services

Photo editing company provides a wide range of retouching and photo editing services including, color correction, acne removal, skin tone correction, contrast adjustment and adding a digital make up. We also provide photo editing services for ecommerce such as, background removal, shadow creation, removing the mannequin and more. For real estate we provide image decluttering, virtual staging, real estate sky replacement, HDR image blending and exposure adjustment.

Acne & Blemishes Removal

Photoshop is a very good tool for removing blemishes from photographs. It can also be used to erase scars and wrinkles on the skin of a person. It provides a wide range of options for removing blemishes like pimples, blackheads, whiteheads etc.

Photo Retouching

Professional beauty retouch is a technique that is used to enhance the beauty of a photograph. This can be done by changing the color, tone, and texture of certain parts of a photo. It is important for professional beauty retouch to be done correctly in order for it to look natural and not artificial.

Skin Improvement

Glare Fixing

If you want to eliminate your lenses from reflecting light, then we can help. Our glare fixing service can help you eliminate the glare in the photo that distract the images. It can be done by reflection correction, object removal, white balance adjustment and color correction.

Stray Hair Removal

Stray hair removal is a service that helps everyone to remove the unwanted hair which can distract the real beauty of the picture. This service is mostly recommended to the beauty industry, modelling, banners and social media profile. It can be done by using Adobe Photoshop tools such as, Clone Stamp Tool, Eraser Tool and Brush Tool. Removing the stray hair is a time consuming process which needs photo editing experts.

Skin Improvement
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