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Our Story

Maggie Mae Macariola

Maggie Mae Macariola


This company was founded out of love and humility. Established in the year 2012 Maggie Mae Macariola’s vision was to create a company that genuinely values people. A company that challenges people to go beyond the comfort zone. A company that prioritizes quality over quantity. A company that truly delivers to it’s customers.

Maggie’s life is an inspiration for all the people in the company to do better and to go beyond the minimum. She has set the highest standard in terms of quality service for our clients. Her legacy leaves us a footprint to follow. She will always be remembered as a charming, beautiful and humble woman.

Meet Our Team

Joepet Macariola

Joepet Macariola
Chief Executive Officer

Arnel Canoy
Senior Graphic Artist


Wilbue Sulbod
Team Leader Supervisor

Christian Tumakay

Christian Tumakay
Senior Graphic Artist

Christine Debalucos
Editing Team Lead
Jewelry Department

Froilan Buenaflor
Color Correction Expert

Gayle Gepuit
Creative Director

Andre Amacna
Editing Team Lead
Product Department

Kimberly Paraiso
Quality Assurance Specialist

Athea Faye Navarette
Photo Editor

Hire Photo Editing Company

  • Infrastructure – Buying or renting a property for an office can be costly and risky, photo editing company has it’s own building.
  • Employment – Hiring local employees is easy however you need to have an experience Human Resource Personnel to comply with the Department of Labor and Employment.
  • Operating Cost – Take into considerations that Electricity and Connectivity is an integral part of running a company.
  • Managers – Managing local people requires a multi talented managers who can deliver, maintain company values despite the diversity of people employed.

Benefits of Outsourcing

  1. Committed Employee – Our company ensures finding the ideal candidate for your business, proficient in handling the specific tasks you require.
  2. Fixed Pricing – We offer transparent fixed or flat pricing for all tasks, ensuring clarity and predictability.
  3. Swift Turnaround Time – Companies have the option for rush delivery within 1-2 hours or a turnaround time of 12 to 24 hours.
  4. 100% Uptime – We remain operational throughout the year, providing continuous support for your business.
  5. Flexible Timing – We offer flexible hours tailored to your time zone, accommodating your specific needs.
  6. In-House Editing – A notable advantage is that we handle all tasks in-house, unlike other companies that outsource to external virtual assistants.