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Who we Are

Maggie Mae Macariola

Maggie Mae Macariola


This company was founded out of love and humility. Established in the year 2012 Maggie Mae Macariola’s vision was to create a company that genuinely values people. A company that challenges people to go beyond the comfort zone. A company that prioritizes quality over quantity. A company that truly delivers to it’s customers.

Maggie’s life is an inspiration for all the people in the company to do better and to go beyond the minimum. She has set the highest standard in terms of quality service for our clients. Her legacy leaves us a footprint to follow. She will always be remembered as a charming, beautiful and humble woman.

Our Team


Wilbue Sulbod
HEAD HR Department

Joepet Macariola

Joepet Macariola
Chief Executive Officer

Christian Tumakay

Head Graphic Operations

Cathy Lapiz
HR | Accounts Executive

Head, Jewelry Retouching Division

Head Graphics Training Division

Kimberly Paraiso
Head Product Retouching

HEAD Headshot and E-Commerce

HEAD Photo Retouching

Graphic Artist

HEAD Products Retouching

Team Lead Training Department

Graphic Artist

Graphic Artist

Graphic Artist

Graphic Artist

Graphic Artist

Marketing Department

Marketing Department

Our Culture

No one is greater than the other, uplifting one another is the culture we instill to our people. Learning and Challenging is what we eat, drink and breathe daily.

Our Drive

To consistently innovate and exceed client expectations.

Our Core Values

Humility – Always be humble in everything you do.
Respect – Being respectful to those people around you improves your total well being.
Honesty – Work with all honesty and integrity.
Simplicity – Do not complicate things, simplify complex problems.
Responsible – Always be responsible in everything you do.
Commitment – It’s like marriage, it will not work out if you don’t work it out.

Our Goal

For our People to have a sustainable and meaningful job that makes you become a better person.
For our Clients commitment to deliver high quality service and fast turn around time.
For our Company to scale even bigger and break new records every year.

Nurturing our People

Character – This is the very core of the person where we train them to become a better person to others.
Independent – Teach them how to embrace the business. This way they are driven to explore, decide and implement.
Empowerment – Empowering others to bring out the best in themselves.

Hire Photo Editing Company

  • Infrastructure – Buying or renting a property for an office can be costly and risky, photo editing company has it’s own building.
  • Employment – Hiring local employees is easy however you need to have an experience Human Resource Personnel to comply with the Department of Labor and Employment.
  • Operating Cost – Take into considerations that Electricity and Connectivity is an integral part of running a company.
  • Managers – Managing local people requires a multi talented managers who can deliver, maintain company values despite the diversity of people employed.

Benefits of Outsourcing

  1. Dedicated Employee – Our company will find the right candidate for your business capable of doing the task that you require.
  2. Fix Pricing – Provide you fix pricing or flat pricing for all task.
  3. Turn Around Time -Companies can arrange a rush delivery of 1-2 hours or a 12 to 24 hour turn around time.
  4. 100% Up Time – We are open all year round for your business.
  5. Time – Flexible Time tailored to your Timezone.
  6. In House Editing – The best thing is that we do it all in house unlike other companies they outsource it to other virtual assistant.

Our Relief Operations

Typhoon Haiyan, known in the Philippines as Super Typhoon Yolanda, was one of the most powerful tropical cyclones ever recorded. Making landfall, Haiyan devastated portions of Southeast Asia, particularly the Philippines. It is one of the deadliest Philippine typhoons on record, killing at least 6,300 people in that country alone. In terms of JTWC-estimated 1-minute sustained winds, Haiyan is tied with Meranti in 2016 for being the second strongest landfalling tropical cyclone on record only behind Goni of 2020. In January 2014, bodies were still being found. Haiyan was also the most intense tropical cyclone worldwide in 2013. This typhoon is also the second deadliest typhoon in the Philippines.