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Photo Editing Service

Photo editing service refers to editing pictures of using a photo editing software to enhance the level of clarity, color and quality of an image. We edit various industry such as fashion, apparel, real estate, weddings and events. The rise of demand in image editing has rapidly increased over the years because of the e-commerce trend. Online selling has grown more than 1000% across all platforms including mobile devices.

Marketplaces such as amazon, ebay and alibaba are the big giants in the industry that allows businesses to post their products online. Images are usually edited before they make it live online making photo editing services a high demand. There are different types of editing features. Some of them are photo enhancement, retouching, sharpening, color correction, background removal, brightness adjustment and many more.

Benefits of Photo Editing Service

Photo editing your pictures by changing the background or removing background from image is one of the most sought after service. It is an image masking process where the product image is traced to cut out the background. There are various kinds of pictures such as products, family, baby photo, models, landscape and many more.


Real Estate Photo Editing

Selling properties online require real estate photo retouching service because photos sell first  before the property. When selling your houses or commercial properties it is vital to have your photos prepared. Real Estate photo should undergo a post production process where the images needs to be retouched, cleaned and enhanced before posting in your real estate websites.

  • Real Estate Lawn Enhancement
  • Sky Replacement
  • Day to Dusk Conversion
  • Swimming Pool Retouching
Real Estate Photoshop Retouching

Background Removal Service

This background removal service refers to separating the object from the photo from its background. Its main purpose is to highlight the object by removing the unwanted and distracting background image. Clipping path service is a way to remove the background image more effectively and accurately. Although this service appears to be very easy however it can be difficult and time consuming depending on the object.

  • Photo Cut Out
  • Ecommerce Editing
Product Photo Retouching Service Online

Jewelry Photo Retouching

Jewelry photo editing service is crucial as during photo-shoot the shadow, spot, and background may dull the overall image. This service is a clear modification of the object to make it appear more appealing to the eyes. It includes color correction, image retouching, density adjustment and many more. After the editing, jewelry photo comes out to be eye-catching due to the lack of drawbacks.

  • Scratch Removal
  • Unwanted Objects Removal
  • Black Spot Removal
  • Extreme Retouching
Jewelry Photo Editing Service One

Clipping Path

A clipping path is a process in Photoshop where the image is traced using a “Pen Tool” in order to eliminate the selected area of a photo. Clipping path service is among the most common editing service. This service refers to extracting the object from the photo and removing its background. Photo editors use pen tool for accurate selection. They select the object from the image by creating a path around it. Clipping path is most frequently used to edit the photos of models. Besides, it has prevailing use in the product images of objects to sell on e-commerce.

  • Changing Background
  • Image Masking
  • Ghost Mannequin
Photo Editor

Beauty Retouching

Beauty is defined as flawlessness however not all agree with that. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it is not only the outside look but also in the inside. Images nowadays are retouched very well to please our online friends but not all does that. One of the most important things to have a nicely retouched beautiful face is removing pimples, acne, spots that are not suppose to be there.

  • Face Retouching
  • Skin Smooth
  • Remove Blemishes

Before and After

Beauty Retouching Service BeforeBeauty Retouching Service After
Photo Retouching Silver Diamond Ring BeforePhoto Retouching Silver Diamond Ring After


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